For me, the best bits of blogging, is knowing I'm able to inform, inspire, impact (and sometimes entertain) someone somewhere. It's an amazing and humbling feeling and I'm grateful to everyone who ever stops by! On days I wonder why I blog, all of your words make it all worth it, and this is just a representative sample. Thank you! 


What a refreshing read...I've been silently grinning. I commend you on taking the plunge to start your blog and this has re-assured me to take a leap of faith

— Akunna


"You made me do it"

Courtesy of you, I launched my blog over a week ago. You made me do it!

- Ezinne

“Feel So Connected to You”

Love your blog and I feel so connected to you!

— Titi


"Absolutely love it here"

So glad you finally decided to start your blog. Absolutely love it here and I love the way you write. 

- Cassie

"Ain't Never Leaving"

Stumbled across your blog two weeks ago, and ain't never leaving... You gave me a new zeal for life at the point when I was at my absolute lowest. 

- Gbemi


"Super-conversational & remarkable"

The work you put in the blog's aesthetics is remarkable. It's simple and clean. And your content is super-conversational.

- Ibk


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