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Vision Board, Goal Setting & Afternoon Tea Workshop

If you were given a blank slate to write all that you wanted out of 2019 that aligned with your natural purpose, dreams and visions - and that would come to fruition if you put in the work, what would you put on there?

Are you super clear about what you want out of 2019 and how to get there? Have you honestly had a clear and thorough thinking about 2019? Your goals. Your dreams. The steps to making it work and living to the best of your potential.

While I’ve skimmed around the surface, I know that personally I haven’t done a deep dive. And that’s why I’m super excited about this vision board and goal setting workshop. In the midst and safe space of other inspiring encouraging individuals, I’m so keen visually create what I want for 2019.

But it is not just an ordinary vision board session. Our amazing facilitator of the day - Segun Garuba of Rose & Clover a PR Business Development Consultant and Coach who has held many of these sessions and helped a a number of women gain clarity on their goals and reach their dreams, will take us through her excellent and no fluff strategies, tools, products and resources for goal mapping, goal setting, action points and obtaining desired results.

The truth is many times there’s no one standing in your own way but you. Either because your goals are unclear or you really don’t have the faintest idea how to go about it.

So join us, a group of goal-getters who you can strategise with in this workshop and continue to be inspired and encouraged by through out the year. We’re keeping the numbers at a maximum of 10 to ensure that it’s intimate, hands-on, and allows for one on one feedback and advice.

It’s also from 12 noon - 5pm. So there’s no rush and we can maximise the opportunity.

So whether you’re a creative, professional or growing entrepreneur who wants to be intentional and see results in 2019, the workshop is a great place to start for better clarity, structure and guidance.

vision board workshop.png


  • Ticket fee of £50 includes a yummy afternoon tea, because good food is an essential part of #thekacheeteecircle events!

  • Also, all supplies will be provided but please do come with extra magazines, clippings, photos, notes etc that may be beneficial to you and relate to your goals.

Payments: To pay the exact price, you may do a bank transfer to:

  • Kachi T-A

  • Lloyds Bank

  • Sort Code: 30 64 42

  • Account number: 57435968

You can also pay by card but due to card charges, this would be £52.99.

Once you’ve paid, please register using the form below. More details will be communicated to registered attendees.

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Finally, what to do before the event to make the most out of the session? Spend some time thinking about 2018. What were the highs and lows. What could you have done better? Where did you lose momentum? What goals would you like to achieve this year? What will a fulfilled and successful 2019 look like to you?

I hope you can make it, and let me know if you have any questions.


Kachee.. Xx

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