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A Day in the Work Life of: Alma Rex- Ezonfade - Client Account Manager

While her idea of a relaxed evening is drinking Corona, watching movies and dancing to her favourite tunes in her apartment, during the day Alma works as a client account manager at a retail activation company (Don't worry I had to google that too!). 

It's exciting to read about Alma's work life because if we judged solely from her fashion / style photos that we're privy to on social media and blog - you might think her day job is one very closely related to fashion. So I'm very glad she reached out to share this with us. 

From an engineering degree in Nigeria to changing paths in Canada, she shares her journey and what a day in her work life looks like!

10 Women on the Best Career Advice They Ever Received

I remember my first job straight out of law school. It was exciting, but yet challenging. I remember writing legal opinions that substantially covered the heart of the matter - but was clearly not in a form to be sent out to the client.

And did I have to bother with this - I was only a junior associate and was very aware that before any advice got the client it was likely to go through a minimum of two reviews - one senior associate and one partner. And it was bound to come back to me with an array of red pen corrections and edits.

But one of the most memorable advice I've ever received has to do with this

I Quit Banking to Become a Natural Hair Stylist - and Here's My Advice

"If it is to be, it is up to me" 

You're probably wondering if you read right. But yes, I quit my job as a banker to become a natural hair stylist!

Before I go further, a little introduction?

My name is Ajibike Salami, but Jiji for short (my now 14-year-old nephew gave me that name when he was about 2 years old and could not pronounce my name. It stuck!) . I graduated with a second class upper in Physics (yup! Physics) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. I completed my mandatory national service year with a reputable bank and got a job there as well. So yes, I had been gainfully employed for almost 7 years. I like to think that I am one of those children that any (Nigerian) parent will be proud of.

Looking back, I have had a pretty decent career earning a relatively good salary but I just wasn’t feeling myself – satisfaction was lacking.

A Day in The Work Life of - Nicole Asinugo, Editor & Content Producer

You know how we often wish we could get paid to eat good food, visit cool places and have a glam squad to look all fleek? Well, Nicole sort of has that job!

She once wrote in my high school year book that I could win a Pulitzer prize for writing. I must have laughed when I read that, because she was the writer! She was the one who, with her instantly recognizable handwriting filled notebooks from cover to cover with short stories and almost full blown novels with intricate plots . I wasn't quite sure how she could be so creative. She may have introduced me to John Grisham - and we'd generally have a good time talking about his legal thrillers. At that point we'd also thought we'd be lawyers.

Interestingly, we got called to the Nigerian bar on the same day - but law wasn't just it for Nicole - the sober profession couldn't contain her creativity.

A Day in the Work Life of: Dee Olateru - Audit Senior Manager

I'd previously featured Dee on here as she, amongst other female travel enthusiasts share their experiences as travel lovers. 

If we could depict in a pie chart what gets Dee excited and what she lives for, I'm willing to bet that while travel may take up a significant portion, her career could take up almost half! Her friends are often surprised at the amount of dedication and love she has for day job! But if you don't look too closely, you'd miss this other side of her - which is easily hidden amongst her goofy, playful side and love for 'ratchet TV'.

And it isn't one to be missed. Such passion, optimism, hard work and motivation like I told her, must be shared. And so I'm glad she's agreed to share all the details of her work life with us!

Dee is an Audit Senior Manager in one of the Big 4 Accounting companies having risen through the ranks in 8 years from an Audit Associate. But this job didn't exactly land at her feet.

A Day in the Work Life of: Ufuoma Okumagba - Business / Communications Manager

If you stumbled on Ufuoma's Instagram page, you may be likely to think she doesn't have a day job but rather travels the world carefree and without a hassle in the world. Afterall she's just got back from her 25th country! But you wouldn't be alone in thinking same. Someone recently left a comment on one of her photos, 'advising' that she use her money for more important things.

But Ufuoma has a day job that she loves - working and grinding like many other people. As a business/communication manager in one of the world's most recognisable global technology companies, Ufuoma has to juggle many balls and often has her hands full.

I'm particularly inspired by her journey to securing this role as an immigrant in Canada.  I know first-hand how difficult and seemingly impossible that can be. But again she's done it using one of the free tools that everyone has access to, but yet we often overlook!

She shares a day in her work life with us. Her responsibilities, best moments, the myths about her job and what other career she's genuinely curious about. No surprises on that last one - it's very much related to travelling!

My Cambridge University Story (Part II) - Living & Studying in Cambridge

I almost always need some form of push to write a blog post. Although I knew I was going to share my experience in Cambridge  particularly after sharing part 1 of how I got the full LL.M Commonwealth scholarship, for some reason I still wasn’t too inspired to write about Cambridge. Until a couple of  weekends ago. We were visiting friends, and in the middle of the conversation one of our friends pointed to anothers' teenage daughter and said, "she’s like you oh, she had 9 A* in her GSCEs".

First off, I countered the fact that that was like me - that was so much better than me. 9 A* is incredible. So naturally, the conversation progressed to what university she’d love to attend and she said “Cambridge!” to study medicine. Ah, that totally pulled me out of my shell, as we got talking about life in Cambridge, the colleges, and my experience in general.  I loved reminiscing about it, and I’ll try to share in this post as much as I can!

To continue from Part 1, right after the scholarship came through, and before the visa application, I had to sort out medicals and accommodation. Medicals were pretty straight forward - weight, height and some urine tests. It was however the first time I realised that I had put on so much weight - when I saw 63kg on the report, I was almost fainted. Anyway I digress, but you can read all about my bingo wings and the easiest hack ever to get rid of them.

Ok, let's get into the real crux of this post, as I share some highlights of life and living in Cambridge. 

A Day in the Work Life of: Tega Ogbuigwe - University Lecturer (& PhD student)

I personally looked forward to this post so much, because in the past few years I've come to greatly appreciate and respect university lecturers as a result of being married to one. I think it's amazing how on the outside it seems like they could have it easy, but then it's such hard work round the clock! One that obviously takes a whole lot of dedication and if I'm being honest, one that I'm not sure I could ever do.

But Tega is absolutely in love with her career; and you can see this from her responses. I'll have to admit that I stumbled on her via Instagram thanks to her perfectly sculpted body, but even underneath fitness photos she's almost always sure to hashtag #lecturer and that's how I found out what she does by day .

From previously lecturing in Nigeria, Tega now lectures at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. How she ended up there is an interesting story in itself - one that is sure to inspire you and make you take chances!

She's married to her Husbae as she calls him and they have two adorable boys. In describing herself she says "I can’t sing to save my kids but you will hear me singing all the time. I can run 10miles without stopping. I’ll rather lie on the couch staring at the ceiling in silence than watch TV. I have an “angry look” by default so I am learning to smile a lot. I’m obsessed with workout leggings. My favourite junk is any drink with caramel in it!" 

She shares her work life with us. Enjoy! 

Everything You Need to Know about Office / Work Place Etiquette (+tips to win brownie points at work)

Every other week at work, we receive a newsletter highlighting important information and a mini interview with a member of the team. One of the responses I look forward to the most is "what's your office pet peeve". The answers often range from bad coffee, smelly feet to untidy desks. 

Being the foodie that I am, mine was food related. It did use to get on my nerves when there were no clean forks by 1 pm! It may have been because we didn't have enough forks in the kitchenettes or also because people couldn't be bothered to wash off their cutlery or put same in the dishwasher. I suspect it was a bit of both, as a few days after my mini interview,  the kitchen was blessed with a dozen new forks, and so went my pet peeve. 

I also recently tweeted that I couldn't understand how grown females often messed up the toilets in their offices, and a number of ladies responded that they faced the same thing at work as well. 

All of these, made me think of all the many things we do at work that get on people's nerves and quite simply show a lack of etiquette. I knew then that I had to write this post and get it out to as many people as possible. 

A Day in the Work Life of: Adaku Ufere - International Oil & Gas Lawyer

Not everyone would apply for a job that requires a language skill set you clearly do not possess. Adaku did. Saw the job ad on LinkedIn, and boom, went in for it!  In a few weeks, packed her bags and headed to Equatorial Guinea - a country that wouldn't even grant tourist visas. Her life and career was about to take a brand new turn - a turn that she's absolutely loving. She's often quick to say, that she's 'living her best life'.

This piece resonates with me for so many reasons. In the same way one woman made Adaku re-think her career aspirations, in my subconscious, I think Adaku was one of those people that made me believe I could absolutely combine being a lawyer and blogging - doing both excellently well and without being shy of the latter. Although she went to the same high school in Nigeria (Queens College Lagos) as I did, and was a couple of years ahead of me, I have from a distance kept abreast of both her exciting career and blogging adventures!

Adaku Ufere heads the Energy practice at a pan-African law firm; managing legal teams across; Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Cameroon, South Sudan and South Africa and directly developing and managing multiple strategic partnerships across the globe for the firm. She was recently named one of the 40 Under 40 Leading Lawyers in Nigeria at the Nigerian Legal Awards 2016. She enjoys public speaking, writing and contributing a lot of her time in mentoring younger ladies. 

In her words "I am obsessed with plantains, Novenas, trap music, Beyoncé, mango sorbets, airplane flatbeds, Jo Malone ‘lime basil & mandarin’ shower oil, and ratchet reality shows". 

How's that for a balanced life? You'll enjoy this one - take my word to the bank!