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3 Years Married + A Fun Husband Tag!

As you probably know, Tee & I had our 3 year wedding anniversary earlier this month. So while I finally blogged about our Nigerian (Igbo and Yoruba) traditional wedding ceremony, I also wanted to write a serious -ish post on some lessons and thoughts that have crossed my mind in these 3 years (that post should still happen, hopefully). Then again, a husband tag sounded like fun, and asking Tee some random questions seemed like a good idea - which I had considered in this Get to Know Me Tag and you peeps agreed.

also asked readers via Instagram story if they would like to see a husband tag. Many said yes. I think they assumed it was going to be a video tag! Oooops, we're both way too shy for that. A couple of people seemed disappointed but then confirmed that they'd still love a written one. So I decided to go ahead with it - because a part of me was slightly curious about his answers.

You've probably seen a few couples do those husband tags on YouTube. I didn't particularly like a lot of the questions as these were mostly 'what's my favourite this or that?'. And even I can't tell you what my favourite anything is, so  how much more he.  So I skipped a lot of the 'favourite' type questions and I finally persuaded him to answer the questions. To be honest, I had a good laugh at a number of them! 

We Interview: Bolanle Williams-Olley: Social Change Champion!

If were a fancy lifestyle gloss magazine, then BWO would make the perfect cover girl for the July edition, and the gorgeous photos of her and her lovely family would adorn the pages and provide a lovely photo spread. But that notwithstanding, we don't need a glossy magazine to take it all in - her wisdom, advice and photos! So I'm super stoked she's sharing her thoughts with us and providing a bucket full of inspiration.

As we attended the same high school in Nigeria (she was about 2-3 years ahead of me), I had this familiar feeling when I stumbled on her Instagram page a couple of years ago. Like we were friends, or we should have been friends. But maybe that's just me and wishful thinking. When I was in NY recently, she invited me over to her office for coffee/lunch and I was super gutted that due to a tight schedule, I couldn’t. Ugh, but there's always a next time. 

Bolanle turned 32 a few weeks ago, and you can see just how much passion she puts into all facets of her life! As a wife and mum to the TWOs (her husband Temi, and kids Teni and Tsola), as a friend, as a Christian, a career woman, an entrepreneur and a social change champion. 

A Day in the Work Life of: Osemhen Akhibi, Automation Engineer

I've been wanting to do this series for ages, for two reasons. The second reason is that I'm genuinely curious about what people do at work. As a child, I used to wonder what happened when people simply said they were 'going to work'. And even now as an adult, when I'm on my desk at my own 'work', I wonder what everyone else is doing!

The more important reason however stems from the serious part of me. In recent times, there's been such a dig at those who work 9-5 or who have proper jobs. A lot of people insinuate that it's bondage, slavery, rat-race, a mess etc - and being self-employed or an entrepreneur is the way. But we all know how impossible that is! Even entrepreneurs hire employees. Plus some people genuinely quite like the 9-5s or day jobs that they have.

So, I'm super glad I'm finally kicking this off with someone I really like! In the first week, I started blogging, someone said to me 'Check out Osemhen's blog - looks like something you'd love'. She wasn't wrong. I absolutely did and literally read every single blog post. She's so smart, and so lovely.  

In her words "I'm a wife, a mom, an engineer, a writer and generally just nerdy".  Today, she takes us into a day in her life as an engineer at a global company, from when she wakes up, to after work hours, plus what she'd do if she never had to work again! Fun fact: She works in the same company as her husband!

Fashion Around The World - Sonia Koroma (Sierra Leone)

When I think of Sierra Leone, I think of Diamonds. This must have a lot to do with the movie 'Blood Diamond', which starred Leonardo DiCaprio and was set in the era of the country's civil war, as one of the countries greatest natural resource was mined illegally and used to finance wars to the profit of diamond companies around the world. I don't remember much of the movie, but I remember not being happy that yet again, another African country was being exploited.

My chat with Sonia, originally from Sierra Leone, might be the closest I've come to getting a better glimpse of Sierra Leone (and that's why we love this series!). You can see just how much her love for her birth country and people shine through! Through these 20 or so questions, we learn about Sierra Leone, but of course, Sonia gives us all the scoop on style tips, her personal style, and her slay! 

Nigerian Inter-Ethnic Love Stories || Aisha & Olamide Craig

I've secretly been looking forward to this feature! And perhaps a few people were hoping for it as well. Shortly after I reached out to Olamide, someone sent me a message on Instagram advising that it'd be great if they shared their story as they've got all of the three major Nigerian ethnic groups! Plus I was hoping that we'd get to feature more Hausa or northern stories here. 

Anyway, I present to you Olamide and Aisha! Olamide and I went to University together and he was always such a pleasant chap. He is Yoruba, from Abeokuta in Ogun state. He was born in Lagos and is a Pastor, Physician, Photographer and Poet.

Aisha, (or more completely Aisha Nkiru Ademide) is from Zazzau and is part Hausa, part Igbo, part Bonny and part Efik. Born in Lagos she grew up in Kaduna, Lagos and Onitsha. Aisha works in Banking. I'm so thankful to both of them for sharing their experience and their gorgeous photos! As usual, I bring you all the scoop. Enjoy! 

9 People 1 Question - Female Travel Enthusiasts on Why They Travel, Must-See Destinations & Dream Passports!

I think one of the most hilarious hashtags I've ever stumbled upon is #BlackGirlsTravelToo. I almost feel like whoever initiated the hashtag got fed of people thinking black girls had no quest for adventure, didn't travel and perhaps didn't travel alone!

Judging from today's post, that couldn't be farther from the truth. My husband thinks travel has become my favourite past time and dare I say myself that I might have become slightly obsessed about it? But thanks to these amazing nine, and many more, I don't have to get on a plane or on the road all the time by myself to feed my obsession. I live and learn vicariously through them. Sometimes I might go a little green eyed with envy, but hey who wouldn't?

These amazing nine female travellers, share their experiences with us. I absolutely love it and feel like everyone should read it (that's your cue to share with your friends!) They talk about their first travels, why they travel, and must see destinations. And cheeky me, had to ask what passport they'd swap their current ones for in a heartbeat!

An Unforgettable Travel Experience in India (+an Indian Wedding!) - Tofunmi Olabenjo

First things first, look out for the reflection of the building in Tofunmi's sunglasses. That's not just an ordinary building, but the Taj Mahal in India - one of seven new wonders of the world! And so much goes into getting a photo like that - timing, location and direction of the sun!

Okay, now that's out of the way, let's have a proper introduction. I was looking through Instagram story when I saw Tofunmi's story and the location said 'Bangalore Airport India'! My first thoughts were 'what's she doing in India?'. I just hadn't pegged it to be one the places she'd jet off to. So when she confirmed that she was really on there on holiday and to attend her friend's wedding, I knew I had to hear the details of her experience! 

Because I'm not selfish, I chose to share with you & we can all feed our inner wander lust (well, at least vicariously). I don't think such experiences can really be explained. But Tofunmi did such a great job on the piece, that by the end of it, India should be on your travel list

We Interview: Grace Alex (T2Pitchy) Entrepreneur, Journalist & Fashion Blogger

I sincerely think that if a few years ago I had the same level of entrepreneurial acumen, creative and business spirit as Grace does, I honestly might have just been a billionaire, running a shoe line and maybe being super famous.  

How? Let me explain. Sometime in 2009 I think, my elder brother came home with a new pair of slippers. He explained that he had just found this shoe-maker who made such beautiful slippers and sandals - for relatively cheap! And true to his word - all of his friends loved his new slippers, and he simply introduced them to the shoe maker.

I thought they were really nice and decided to get one for Tee as well. I also got a matching pair for myself.

Fashion Around The World - Bash Harry (Brunei)

Hands up if you knew Brunei was a country! I definitely didn't, but thanks to Bash I'm much more aware of facts about that country and you're about to know a bit more as well.

When I stumbled on Bash's blog via a link she left on another blog I read, I was quite interested in her fashion. But much more than her fashion, I was pretty intrigued by her writing. She has a way with words and a way of expressing herself. It caught my attention, and following her blog provided glimpses into life in Brunei.

I was excited when I found out she was moving to the UK in September 2016 to study Law. Bash is currently a first year Law Student in the University of Exeter. She was originally born and raised in Brunei, but moved to the UK in September 2016 to pursue her law degree. 

Obviously, I had fun drilling her about Brunei, her fashion, law and what her parents really think about her style!  

You'll enjoy this one. 


9 People, 1 Question || Mummy Bloggers on Being Ready to Have Kids, Greatest Fear & Reward

A couple of days ago, seemed to be one of the few days I actually wanted to watch TV and had the remote in hand. After a few minutes of scrolling (and realising that we had a lot of sport channels!), I still couldn't find anything particularly interesting. I had worked on this post earlier in the day so mummy matters were on my mind. I finally settled for a show called Born Every Minute or something like that, which showed live child birth stories. One of the women was 40 and was just about to have her first child.

I'm such a squeamish person, and half the time had my back to the TV. I couldn't look. Even Tee who is toughie of sort had to say "oh my goodness why are we watching this". At the point when they actually opened up a woman's tummy for a CS, he thought he had had enough. But thankfully he still promises that when the time comes, he'd be an extra toughie and be with me all the way. God willing.