All in Faith

Dealing with Fear, in Today's World

I tried to carry on with posting what I had originally intended. 

But then, as usual on my commute, I picked up the London Metro newspaper. And I saw the picture of the Eiffel Tower lit up in black, red and yellow. And I'm reminded of the Belgium attacks. The Eiffel Tower is striking, and I wish it were lit up in those colours for some other good reason.

What the Americans gave up for Lent (and what I didn't give up!)

I often get tired of the biblical story of the Prodigal Son. I mean, we know the younger son goes off. Is reckless. Wishes he could eat the pigs food. No one offers him. He goes home. His father kills a cow.  Gives him a ring. Elder son becomes jealous. 

I feel sometimes that I know all the lessons in that parable. And maybe I do. Or maybe there's more. You'll see what I think below. 

I watched as the number increased. From 282,579 to 282,580.

Unconvinced, I refreshed the page. Yup... It happened again. Up now to 282,581. It was the real deal. No mind games. Every time I clicked a link, the side bar on her blog updated the metrics, and with the additional side note 'A user from the United Kingdom visited your blog 1 minute ago'. Talk about live feed! I had only just discovered the metrics section of my own blog, and until a few minutes ago I was over the moon that my views had finally passed the two digit figure.