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Life Quotes & Lessons from Trevor Noah's "Born a Crime"

I bought Trevor Noah's Born a Crime to read during labour and while in the hospital to have my baby. Everyone said it was an easy and funny read, and I figured it'll be a good one to delve into in the midst of contractions. I ended up reading it way too quickly before any contractions. But then, I started typing up this post when the first set of contractions hit... 

I haven't read that many books in recent times, but this one is right up there for me. It's funny, yet deep. I hardly underline or highlight books when reading; but if I did, I'll have come close to underlining a whole lot of it.  

I didn't know that much of Trevor Noah (and still don't!). So it's not because I'm a personal fan that I found this book fascinating.  Apparently he's a comedian - so yes, it is funny. But it's so much more - filled with quotable quotes and life gems. Pegged as a love letter to his mum, it addresses a whole bunch of matters: racism; equality; domestic violence; poverty & crime; marriage and relationships; friendships.

The writing brings each character to life and you can almost clearly visualise each one. I'm not about to review the book though because I'm not sure exactly how to. What I will do, is point out some lines that I couldn't help nodding constantly to. And thinking "true words there Trevor; true words..."

6 Helpful Tips in Furnishing a (New) Home or Space

We've spent the past couple of weeks trying to buy some decor items for our home. Not a lot of huge items, but those little things that often just make a difference. Like throw pillows, picture frames, mirrors, a wall clock and indoor / garden plants. 

There's still a lot to be done but I'm glad we picked up momentum again. Because after the initial house move and set of furniture we slowed down on decor, which is understandable and even advisable. Although with that, you run the risk of just leaving some spaces undone or incomplete, it actually helps you take a step back to realise what's missing and what you absolutely need.

Interestingly, I recently came across the note book where I had written furnishing ideas and timelines. A lot of the ideas remain the same thankfully, but the time line was hilarious. I had included a completion date of July 31 meaning that by then we should have finished it all. It obviously hasn't quite worked that way. I've realised with furnishing because sometimes you don't get find the right piece (and also probably don't have the spare funds at all once).

Like with most people, I've had fair bits of furnishing experiences. For most of high school and the first three years of Uni, there wasn't much to be done as students basically had just a little corner. In my 4th year of Uni however, my three friends and I pretty much got a two bedroom apartment and had to furnish from scratch. It wasn't fabulous, but it was exciting. 

Being married, this is the second house we're furnishing from scratch as the first was rented totally unfurnished.

9 People 1 Question: Kinky Hair Experts on Growing and Caring for Nappy Hair

If there's one thing that I absolutely wished to conquer this year, it was understanding and loving my natural hair (i.e my hair in the way it grows out of my scalp and without any chemicals or relaxers); and generally being more adventurous with my hair. I had transitioned for most of 2016; gradually cutting off the relaxed ends until it was fully natural. But I hadn't made an attempt to wear it out often or learn to style it, and it was mostly in protective styles. But seeing so many 4c hair enthusiasts proudly wear and style their hair made me itch to sort mine out. I love how all over the world, many more people are embracing this.  

But in the first few weeks of 2017, I broke my new hair resolution and went back to the arguably easier way of applying relaxers. But yet again, since January I haven't had any chemicals and so I'm eager to try again. What better way than to reach out to nine kinky hair experts for all the inspiration and tips? 

So whether you're already a natural hair expert; in the process of mastering your own hair, considering switching up; tempted to go back to relaxers or simply love a good story - you'd enjoy this piece. 

Some also shared really hilarious hair anecdotes and encounters and the one reason (or amount of money) they'd consider going back to relaxers! I gotta say we've got ourselves some pretty deep naturalistas. 

How to be a Great Mentor (+ 4 essential notes for Mentees)

Including the word mentor & mentee to my vocabulary is such a new phase for me. It was one I was never really such  fan of - for unknown reasons, one of which might be the fact that I never really saw it as a must have. Or maybe I did, but just from a distance. I took the good I saw in people, that I wanted to emulate, but didn't see the need to have a mentor-mentee relationship. While I’ve definitely successfully guided people through different phases - I often avoid the title. 

Interestingly, I’m at the point in my life and career where I think it’s incredibly important. And perhaps much more surprisingly, people have begun to look at me as a possible mentor. In recent times, I’ve gotten so much requests about acting as a mentor to others. Many of these I have shied away from accepting, because I’m like ‘hold up, uhmm, I have no idea what exactly you want from me’. But then, I recently accepted to act as a formal mentor to someone - and I think it could have gone a whole lot better. 

All of these factors, is the reason for this post. I know I can't hide from these mentorships requests, and I genuinely think it's a great honour. So it's important that I figured out all the tips to make it work. 

8 Amazing Life Nuggets From Jumoke Adenowo's King Woman Interview

If you've read my last two Friday Notes, you'd know I'd gone on a bit about watching KingWomen. In fact my mum was around for a week and I made her and Tee watch every single episode. They almost started to make fun of me. 

This past weekend, I decided to have some chill time! So I finally opted to have a proper soak on a tub (yay! I think I may just do that often). For company, I thought to binge on the latest edition of KingWomen with Jumoke Adenowo. To be honest, I didn't really know of her. I may have heard her name few times, but that was pretty much it. 

As I do with most YouTube videos or anything at all, I quite enjoy reading  the reviews and comments. Many people seemed to think that this one was filled with gems! People even talked about bringing out their note pads and taking notes! That piqued my curiosity more. And the truth is, I could see why. I have to agree that there was so much that was very sensible in this episode. And in quite a number of ways, I could see myself in her. 

Money Money Money: 4 Helpful Ways to Cut Down Daily Expenditure & Save More!

If anyone invites me for a hangout in the next couple of months and I decline, don't think I'm being anti social or cold. But if it requires spending money, I'm going to be snoozing at home, right on the couch! It's bad enough that when I had free tickets to the Orchestra, I chose to sleep!

Okay I'm exaggerating.

But I was thinking recently how I had to cut down on daily expenditure and do more to save. In fact recently, I blurted out "I think I should cancel my Netflix subscription. £6.99 is a lot you know. I hardly watch Netflix". My husband looked at me from across the room and said "Kach Kach, what of that one day we or maybe a guest just want to watch it. Okay transfer it to my card".   He essentially called me a cheap-skate so I left it on.

And then my mum visited a few days and we wanted her to watch The Wedding Party movie which was only on Netflix, so I guess that came in handy.

That said, I've been doing a through review of practical and real ways to cut down spending and save more!

11 Bad Phone Habits We Really Need to Quit (For Real!)

While on holiday recently, my phone battery was running low, and I asked my husband if he could please pass me my charger. He laughed and said "Babe, all you do on holidays is search for WiFi and charge your phone". I laughed in response, rolling my eyes in my head and thinking "But I've barely been with phone or WiFi for the past two days. And I haven't even posted on Instagram *straight face*."

It reminded me of this draft post that had been in notes for a few months but I never completed.  At the time when I had written the first words, the inspiration had again come from my husband! Let me share what happened. 

On a very fine Sunday, a few minutes after waking up and indulging in a little bit of turning, stretching and yawning, I finally whipped out my phone to check out what my daily devotional had to say.

How To Send a Really Good Email (and get a positive response!)

Whether in my day job or when working on my blog, I really do spend a bit of time working on emails. And whether we like it or not, emails are here to stay. They've become one of the easiest ways to reach people for collaborations, or information. Business people, bloggers and creatives will find themselves constantly using emails. And whether we receive the information that we require or the collaboration - depends to large extent on how our emails are crafted.

I don't necessarily think I send the best emails. But I think they're good enough and my response rate is actually quite amazing (if I do say so myself!). Recently, I emailed someone to ask to be featured on the Nine people, One question column. The response I got back was super flattering that I just have to quote it. "Hello Kachi. Thank you for excellent email. I have never seen a more articulate email in my entire life. I would be more than happy to be part of your column". Obviously I took it as a bit of flattery, but it warmed my insides and the sender insisted that it was no flattery!

Be a Little Selfish: 11 Ways to Exercise and Practice Self-Love

Last year's Valentine I wanted to get myself a bunch of fresh flowers, and I was certain I was going to as I had just begun to appreciate flowers. (And had only received flowers ever on the day of our wedding & when I failed my driving test). But I just really wanted to do something for myself that day. Not because I didn't think I'd get val'ed so to speak. But because I felt like showing myself love in a tangible way.

I have no objections at all to celebrating Valentine as a lover's day. As a matter of fact, I think it's kind of cute - as it was to see so many people (particularly older men) at the store at about 6pm (obviously last minute decision makers like me) struggle to find the perfect greeting card which captures their feelings.

No doubt it's great to be in a loving relationship around this time to be loved & to love. But you know what I've come to really appreciate as I grow older, self love. Because it's so so true what they say - you can't pour from an empty cup. And you can't give what you don't have. I've come to realise that on days I'm cranky, unhappy, deflated - it's genuinely hard to love. And it's probably also harder to be loved.

So with each passing day, I'm a little bit more conscious of self love. But hold up. This doesn't mean pride or narcissism or selfishness.

Let's Do This! 6 Ways to be More Grateful in Our Everyday Life

If you were to score yourself over 10, how thankful will you say you are on a daily basis? An 8? A 4? Gratitude is one of those virtues we know we should practise often. We know that at every point in time we should be at the very least 99.9 % thankful. But we fall short. Oh sometimes we fall really short! Disappointments happen, and life gets tough. From slim bank accounts to stressful jobs, annoying spouses and everything else in between.