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The KacheeTee Circle Blogger Brunch Lagos: Recap, Moments & Photos

By now, you must likely know what The KacheeTee Circle is about. Even if you haven’t been on Instagram where I run the risk of over talking about it, surely you read this post where I talked about and shared photos from our very first event.

So, two weeks after that event I was scheduled to be in Lagos. I had previously toyed with the idea of inviting a few bloggers who have been part of my blogging journey for an intimate lunch to rub minds. But seeing the response the London brunch received especially from folks in Lagos who requested a Lagos version, I wondered if I could actually pull it off. My calendar for the only available weekend was pretty booked. The Friday was my 30th and the Saturday I was a bridesmaid for my friend’s wedding. If it was going to hold, it had to be on Sunday.

As I tend to do, I sampled the idea via IG stories and the interest was incredible.

The KacheeTee Circle Blogger Brunch London: Recap, Moments & Photos

So this happened!

And except you’ve been away for a very long time or haven’t caught up with me on social media much, then thats the only way you wouldn’t know it happened. I wish I kept an active journal so I could document accurately at what point I considered this and how it all went down from there. Because if ‘m being honest, it still feels a bit surreal to me. One minute, I’m considering having an offline event, and the next we’re sourcing venues, I’m putting the word out there and my inbox is popping with payment notifications.

So what is The KacheeTee Circle all about?