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I Wore Makeup Everyday for a Week: Here's What Happened

I am of the opinion that there are two types of people in the world: those that take makeup seriously and those that don't. I fall in the latter.

But last week, I went on a trip for a Physiotherapy Convention in Enugu eastern Nigeria and since I wanted to make a stellar impression, I decided to be on my A-game which involved wearing professional clothing and you guessed it - makeup.

I wore makeup every single day, for every single event and a few things happened along the way. I found it quite interesting and thought to share with you real quick:

The Best Fashion Advice I Ever Received

I started my fashion journey quite early in life.

I was told that in elementary school, I came home with a report card that read "She takes pride in her personal appearance". My mum took that as a sign of my upcoming good fashion sense. Little did she know that about 15 years later, she'd be nagging about how I dress in a unconventional albeit stylish manner.

I went through a tomboy phase in which I honestly couldn't be bothered but my interest sparked when I started to see style as an art form. It started with fashion illustrations, progressed to fashion magazines, then blogs. Today, I honestly don't keep up with any trends. Not only because it's quite difficult (can anyone else relate?), but also because I don't feel the need to. My style is mine.

Four Things to Keep in Mind When Thrift Shopping

I feel like I've been thrift shopping longer than I've been walking or sleeping. But in truth, I officially begun in 2013 when my mum introduced me to the wonderful world of sustainable fashion. Isn't it lovely how we get to buy unique clothes of a superior quality at a cheap price and save the environment and the same time?

I don't really believe in buying things on a whim as a lot of thrift shoppers seem to do - thanks to my somewhat minimalistic lifestyle. So, I carefully plan my purchases ahead of time.

For the novices and even the more experienced shoppers, here are a few things to keep in mind while thrifting:

Why I Don't Buy Asoebi + How it Almost Ruined a Friendship

I hate to ruffle feathers but on this occasion, I had to. Because for the life of me, I could not understand how asoebi was threatening to ruin a valuable friendship. 

If you're not Nigerian, or if you're a Nigerian that rather strangely cannot identify with the term asoebi, let me come to your rescue, so we're all on the same page. Asoebi is Yoruba word meaning cloth of the family. Cloth = Aso; Ebi = Family. So essentially a specific fabric to be worn during social events as a way of identifying family members and relatives. 

But thanks to social media (which has changed pretty much everything in our lives), it has taken a drastic turn. It is no longer just restricted to family members but now extends to friends, and is worn during weddings, funerals and even naming ceremonies! 

At Nigerian weddings in particular, there seems to be an unofficial competition with asoebi.

What I Wear In a Week: Stephanie Okafor

Long before I started blogging, I’d been intrigued by Stephanie’s sense of style, 101% curious about her day job and if this affected her choice of outfits. So it was really no-brainer that once this column kicked off, I was going to try to get Steph to share with us. 

She’s popularly known in social media circles as Metrogypsie and unsurprisingly describes her style as retro, chic and edgy. As she’s a Finance Consultant in London one might expect a more traditional office dress code. But she explains “Most days especially in summer, we get to dress down...down enough to attend a meeting at least. As a result, I’m totally able to express my normal self”.

On the high street, she loves Zara and Topshop and if she only had to wear one outfit it’d be a high waisted skirt and whatever top. And as far as fun facts go, Stephanie sometimes craves raw Indomie noodles!

Ok, on to her week in clothes!

What I Wear In A Week - Sarah Audu

Sarah who was a jeans and t-shirt girl growing up is pretty surprised that she's now a fashion blogger with a style she describes as conservative, classic and basic. She'd not be caught wearing an off-shoulder piece as she dislikes having to deal with strapless bras that wouldn't provide enough support.

On her favourite clothing brands she says, "honestly I’m a bit of cheapskate and basic girl when it comes to shopping for clothes. If it’s affordable, if I like it and if it suits my style, I’ll buy it, simple. But for shoes, I love Zara! - I could spend all my money on shoes and practically live in Zara but sadly we don’t have an outlet in Nigeria"

So if she had to live in only one outfit, it would be a high waist palazzo trousers and a loose fitted top. As a communication and research officer at a multi-national establishmemnt in Abuja, Nigeria her work involves a lot of research and managing web content. She keeps her office wardrobe pretty smart and adds "the fact that 90% of my work colleagues are male makes me take my modest taste in fashion to a whole other level. This means staying away from anything overly fitted or short".

What I Wear In a Week - Anthonia Okonkon

Anthonia who works as a Project Manager on assignments that deliver change through economic development and government reforms says she hasn't always loved fashion. In her words "as a kid, I was very outdoorsy so I wore clothes that allowed me run, climb trees and jump fences. I was anything but enthusiastic about fashion... my mum used to bribe me to wear earrings and dresses. Safe to say she was pleasantly surprised when I made a 180 degrees turn" .

She describes her style as generally versatile as she goes through a lot of phases very quickly. "One week might have a preppy feel and the very next, I’m vintage. The common three denominators however would be:

  • Chic: I have a thing for clean cuts, tapered pants and structured outfits

  • Artsy: I love to play around with prints, especially Ankara

  • Casual: I’m a really big fan of shift dresses, boyfriend jeans and oversized shirts"

Anthonia shares what she would usually wear in a week and how her daily professional and social life affects her choices! 

On Rocking a Low Cut Hairstyle: Stories & Tips From 4 Amazing Women

Lately, I've been thinking of cutting my hair off and rocking a low cut. I'm super keen to do something entirely different, wear a new look and if I'm being honest - free myself from the stress of hair maintenance for a bit. I mean it's just hair right?

And I don't think it's just me. I feel like much more women are doing this or very seriously considering and talking about it.  I reached out to four amazing women who live the cut life. So from Dami who likes her cut as a "guy cut", to Lola who has alopecia but loves the confidence that comes with this style - despite people's unkind interference. Stephanie's grandma believes that a woman's hair is her crown and Femi actually conducted a survey to see if men think she's less likely to get a man because of the cut! 

This one is full of inspiration, laughter, so much good advice and bomb photos. It could also probably leave you making an appointment with a barber!

To Couple Twin or Not? ( + a JORD Wood Watch Giveaway)

A friend Wumi recently tweeted that she was going to be so extra for her pre-wedding, wedding and her pregnancy photo shoots. I replied her tweet saying I didn't know how to be extra even I wanted to. Then she said "... but you know you're low key extra with your husband". Another mutual friend Nims replied saying, "more like perfect key".

I was about to contest Wumi's opinion but then thought, "well she qualified it by saying low key extra", so that's probably correct. For example I'd always prefer an usie photo to a selfie or personal photo, and I love all those super cute things couples do that can be somewhat cheesy. But I don't think I'll go over the top.

Take the issue of twinning and matching outfits for example. High key extra is where couples wear the same kind of outfits often - especially where it's the same fabric or design of clothing.  Uhmm. I'm definitely not into that. But then I do often like the idea of a subtle twinning. So perhaps like wearing somewhat similar colours. Or Christmas jumpers, like we did in this post. Or again, like wearing the same watch!

So when JORD watches asked if I would love another watch, as the low key extra wife that I am, I asked if I could have a masculine one for Tee instead!

9 People 1 Question: Kinky Hair Experts on Growing and Caring for Nappy Hair

If there's one thing that I absolutely wished to conquer this year, it was understanding and loving my natural hair (i.e my hair in the way it grows out of my scalp and without any chemicals or relaxers); and generally being more adventurous with my hair. I had transitioned for most of 2016; gradually cutting off the relaxed ends until it was fully natural. But I hadn't made an attempt to wear it out often or learn to style it, and it was mostly in protective styles. But seeing so many 4c hair enthusiasts proudly wear and style their hair made me itch to sort mine out. I love how all over the world, many more people are embracing this.  

But in the first few weeks of 2017, I broke my new hair resolution and went back to the arguably easier way of applying relaxers. But yet again, since January I haven't had any chemicals and so I'm eager to try again. What better way than to reach out to nine kinky hair experts for all the inspiration and tips? 

So whether you're already a natural hair expert; in the process of mastering your own hair, considering switching up; tempted to go back to relaxers or simply love a good story - you'd enjoy this piece. 

Some also shared really hilarious hair anecdotes and encounters and the one reason (or amount of money) they'd consider going back to relaxers! I gotta say we've got ourselves some pretty deep naturalistas.