What I Wear in a Week - Nicole Ocran

What I Wear in a Week - Nicole Ocran

I typically see Nicole’s posts in the morning during my commute and there’s something so warm about it. Maybe it’s the fact that her photos look so laid-back—not like a planned photo shoot, but more like oh I’m just stepping out of the house and someone took this real quick.

As a Londoner, she describes her style as colourful, trendy, casual. Her favourite stores are H&M, & Other Stories, Boden and ASOS. But if she had to wear one outfit she says, “I love a jumpsuit for making me feel put together and a bit of a powerhouse—I'm gathering quite the collection, but I love this great military-inspired one from Boden that I've just gotten and on the complete other end of the spectrum I have a really feminine polka dot one from Primark that I love too.” But she won’t be caught wearing Crocs or cycle shorts!

Nicole works as a talent strategy manager for Disney EMEA, and although there isn’t a strict dress code, it affects her style as she needs to look somewhat professional—and so strives to do this, without being stuffy. She shares what she wears in a week with us!


Mondays for me are always the hardest to get dressed—I don't know why that is? For some reason on Mondays, I'm never ready and energised to get dressed! You'll usually find me in a jumper, jeans, and ankle boots.


Jumper here is from Joanie Clothing. The jeans are my absolute favourites from New Look (I love a straight leg jean—I'm short so I always end up chopping the bottom of my jeans, and I love the frayed ends for a bit of a casual edge) and the ankle boots are from H&M.


With Monday out of the way, I'm starting to feel a bit more ready for the week; I want to look good and have fun getting dressed. But I also usually have a morning meeting that lasts several hours, so I just want to be comfortable when I'm sitting down and having to take notes. Tuesdays I'm likely to get my satin bias cut midi skirt out (this one is from Topshop but they have SO many now on the high street—these are gorgeous and look good on everyone).

Nicole Ocran - Tuesday.JPG

Because the satin is so feminine and delicate, I like to bring it down to earth with a chunky jumper or a sweatshirt (this one here is from Weekday and I love the pattern  for a bit of something different). I’ll normally wear a pair of black ankle boots (this is from New Look) and the mock-crock handbag is from ASOS.


Nicole Ocran - Wednesday.jpg

I'm pretty much in my stride at this point for outfits, so I'll go a bit bolder with a dress. This one is from Boden and I am so excited for spring to really kick in so I can wear it constantly—the cut is really gorgeous with a tie waist and the print is bright and bold. I've paired it here with old season leopard print kitten heels from River Island (I'm not really a heels girl ever, but I can actually walk in kitten heels!). I love the print clash with the leopard and the geometric print of the dress. The bag is also old from Pimkie but it's Prada-inspired for a fraction of the price! The pink coat is from H&M—I got it in the Boxing Day sales and had wanted it for ages (those are my favourite moments in shopping!)


Thursday's the day I definitely start to get lazy with my outfits for work. I'll more than likely start reverting to the old fail-safe combo of jumper, jeans, and ankle boots! If I can help it, I'll normally add my blazer with a roll neck underneath, but again pair them with my raw hem jeans to just keep it somewhat casual and not too overdressed. A lot of my time is also spent meeting with digital talent (influencers, content creators) and their agents/managers—they’re all relatively casual in their clothes as well, so I try not to look too dressed up.

Nicole Ocran - Thursday.JPG

The blazer here is from H&M, roll neck (turtleneck) is old H&M, the jeans are New Look (again), and ankle boots are from Mango! Coffee is also a staple in my life.


I'm lucky enough that most Fridays I'm able to work from home, so I'll most likely be in my leggings! If I'm up early enough, I'll try and get out to a local coffee shop to work from, so I'll try to look somewhat like I've made an effort.

Nicole Ocran - Friday.JPG

Jumpsuits are my absolute favourite for looking dressed up and ready for the day without having to try. This brown corduroy one is from New Look, and I've layered it under a cream H&M roll neck (I love layering!). I bring it back down to earth again with some black Converse trainers, which I live in when I'm not wearing ankle boots. Once again, coffee is my life! I try to remember to bring my Keep Cup with me wherever I go—it's like another accessory!


As much as I love sleeping, I can never truly sleep in because I'm normally out early getting missed parcels at the depot! But because I have lots of time, I can actually take my time getting dressed in the morning! I also will normally do outfit shoots for the week with my friend Ghenet or anyone else who is available!

Nicole Ocran - Saturday.JPG

The afternoon is then spent hanging out with my husband or getting my blog stuff ready for the week. While I'm overall pretty low-key, I'm comfortable and confident in a midi skirt, jumper, and ankle boots! This colourful striped jumper is from And Other Stories, the skirt is from Primark, ankle boots are H&M, and the handbag is old Zara.


The day of brunch and more shooting! I keep it relatively casual on Sundays. This cardigan is a gorgeous wool one I found on eBay for a steal! Raw hem kick flares are from River Island, same H&M ankle boots I practically live in and a Fendi-inspired handbag from ASOS. Perfect brunch attire!

Because I work full-time, weekends are the only time I have to shoot content for my Instagram and my blog, so I basically rope my sweet husband in to doing as many photos as I can negotiate! Bless him, he's so patient and always willing to help me! After going out and shooting multiple looks, I'm normally just relaxing with my husband again and doing any last minute blog things (editing photos, writing, planning my Instagram or any other social media).

Does anyone else agree that these don’t look like planned photo shoots? Thanks for this feature, Nicole! I love the outfits for Tuesday and Wednesday. And I’m also now thinking of how to rope my husband in to take my photos!

ps: If you didn’t know, Nicole has performed at the White house! See more of her style on her website and Instagram. What look is your favourite or more like what you’d wear?

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