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A Day in The Work Life of - Nicole Asinugo, Editor & Content Producer

You know how we often wish we could get paid to eat good food, visit cool places and have a glam squad to look all fleek? Well, Nicole sort of has that job!

She once wrote in my high school year book that I could win a Pulitzer prize for writing. I must have laughed when I read that, because she was the writer! She was the one who, with her instantly recognizable handwriting filled notebooks from cover to cover with short stories and almost full blown novels with intricate plots . I wasn't quite sure how she could be so creative. She may have introduced me to John Grisham - and we'd generally have a good time talking about his legal thrillers. At that point we'd also thought we'd be lawyers.

Interestingly, we got called to the Nigerian bar on the same day - but law wasn't just it for Nicole - the sober profession couldn't contain her creativity.

A Day in the Work Life of: Ufuoma Okumagba - Business / Communications Manager

If you stumbled on Ufuoma's Instagram page, you may be likely to think she doesn't have a day job but rather travels the world carefree and without a hassle in the world. Afterall she's just got back from her 25th country! But you wouldn't be alone in thinking same. Someone recently left a comment on one of her photos, 'advising' that she use her money for more important things.

But Ufuoma has a day job that she loves - working and grinding like many other people. As a business/communication manager in one of the world's most recognisable global technology companies, Ufuoma has to juggle many balls and often has her hands full.

I'm particularly inspired by her journey to securing this role as an immigrant in Canada.  I know first-hand how difficult and seemingly impossible that can be. But again she's done it using one of the free tools that everyone has access to, but yet we often overlook!

She shares a day in her work life with us. Her responsibilities, best moments, the myths about her job and what other career she's genuinely curious about. No surprises on that last one - it's very much related to travelling!

A Day in the Work Life of: Tega Ogbuigwe - University Lecturer (& PhD student)

I personally looked forward to this post so much, because in the past few years I've come to greatly appreciate and respect university lecturers as a result of being married to one. I think it's amazing how on the outside it seems like they could have it easy, but then it's such hard work round the clock! One that obviously takes a whole lot of dedication and if I'm being honest, one that I'm not sure I could ever do.

But Tega is absolutely in love with her career; and you can see this from her responses. I'll have to admit that I stumbled on her via Instagram thanks to her perfectly sculpted body, but even underneath fitness photos she's almost always sure to hashtag #lecturer and that's how I found out what she does by day .

From previously lecturing in Nigeria, Tega now lectures at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. How she ended up there is an interesting story in itself - one that is sure to inspire you and make you take chances!

She's married to her Husbae as she calls him and they have two adorable boys. In describing herself she says "I can’t sing to save my kids but you will hear me singing all the time. I can run 10miles without stopping. I’ll rather lie on the couch staring at the ceiling in silence than watch TV. I have an “angry look” by default so I am learning to smile a lot. I’m obsessed with workout leggings. My favourite junk is any drink with caramel in it!" 

She shares her work life with us. Enjoy!