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A Conversation with the Proverbs 31 Woman

Some days, I feel like a superwoman. Other days I have no interest in 'adulting'. But in recent times, I've been thinking about the Proverbs 31 woman - the one who is more precious than rubies. So, on this chilled Friday evening, I decided to have a conversation with her and compare myself to her! Ambitious right? Well maybe she'll give me the much needed inspiration I need on those days all I want to do is sleep!

*Drum Roll* - Introducing the 'We Interview' Series

Weeks before International Women's Day (IWD), my office email inbox received at least one email on a weekly basis, asking us to publicly declare our Pledge for Parity. In simple terms, 'what were you pledging to do, to enhance women in today's world?'

On my post here, I gave several recommendations, but I felt like I had to so something a bit more concrete. And that's essentially what this series is all about. 

International Womens Day 2016 || For the One who asked: 'Do we have an Int'l Mens Day?'

Today is International Women's Day. Yay! 

Ok that was not a true ecstatic yay. It was a lame yay - pretending to be ecstatic but not really. Definitely not the kind of excitement my sisters and I had on my wedding day in the picture below. 

Because I won't pretend that I was absolutely plugged in and aware of all the facts as to what this day is about. I knew the basics though and I knew the theme for this year is Pledge For Parity. When you work in an international law firm you know these things: Women's Rights, Black People's Rights; LGBT Rights. You can't escape those emails.