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Weekend Notes x Links Around the Web #12

Hey Hey!

Another weekend is upon us. It's been a pretty long week for me. One that I' thought I'll be super productive, but it just didn't work out that way. My schedule got a bit twisted and you probably noticed that from the erratic timing of blog posts. I'm hoping to have a chilled weekend and be back at it next week.

That said, I have to give it up to people who have full day jobs and side money making projects, and deliver on both all the time. Although I do my blog on the side, it's still a hobby of some sort and probably the reason why I can be super chilled with it. But for people who run their own thing (whether full time or not), selling a product or a service, being accountable to themselves and meeting goals constantly, well done! 

What's new with me since the last Weekend Notes couple of weeks go? Not a lot. Routine stuff basically. But I met up with Tuke Morgan briefly last week. Love when I'm able to meet people in real life after connecting on the blog or social media. She also won an award recently for her contribution to music in Nigeria via the Saxophone - which she picked up just 8 years ago. I remember my interview with her last year made me feel like I could pick up a new skill and smash it.  You should totally read it if you missed it.

Weekend Notes x Links from Around The Web #11

Hey people!

First off, it's September, and I hope you have an amazing one! 

I'm pretty sure we'd blink and we'd all be talking of Christmas. It's the last quarter of the year and the home stretch! Any special goals or plans? 

You've probably noticed I changed the title of the post, as explained in the last one. Works better this way as I'm currently typing this on Friday evening whilst having my second cup of tea of the day, I seem to be drinking a lot of tea lately. Have the English people finally won me over?

That said, it's been an exhausting past week despite the fact that we had a bank holiday on Monday over here. We had such a fun barbecue and even though it was the only one we had all summer, I'm glad we snuck it in, as memories are everything. And as hoped, I saw Saro the Musical, and met up with Dee who I featured on this 9 female travellers post - we had such a great time! The only other note-worthy thing that happened last week is the fact that I finally started watching the series Power and also booked a dental appointment. I'm really looking forward to it, and getting feedback on my teeth. That was one of my 2017 goals. 

This weekend, I'm just looking forward to lots of sleep and relaxation and maybe creating some bit of content for the blog. It should be an interesting one for those in Nigeria and the US, as they've got work free days for Eid and Labor day.

Friday Notes x Fun Links From Around the Web #9

Hey! How you doing?

I'll be honest and say it did feel like a Saturday to me today. But I guess that's because I had a half day at work yesterday and after being home at about 3pm, it felt strange that the next day should be a working day. But at least it's Friday.

How was your week? I think I had a pretty okay one. If I can't remember anything that happened, then I guess it wasn't that exciting.

The last time I wrote these notes though, I mentioned I had to attend a masked party. So that was good, and I quickly realised how for someone who wears glasses, a masked party is a bit of a dilemma - between the need to wear the mask, and the need to have your glasses on and just have clear eyesight. I did see an older man wear his glasses on top of the mask - but decided against it, lest I be the butt of everyone's jokes!

Friday Notes & Fun Links From Around the Web #8

Hey ya!

First Friday in July, and a good time to catch up on these notes and links - which I've been so terrible at!

But let's just pick up where we left off shall we? How was your past weekend? I had a pretty good one - although it's was quite busy! The highlight of it being a surprise by Tee for our anniversary. I was on my way home from work when he said not to bother coming home as we'd spend the night away - and he had packed all of my stuff!

But I had chipped toe nails and no way that was going to look good, so I popped into the store to buy nail polish. But I refused to buy polish remover to get the existing one off. Don't judge - I had two full bottles at home and wasn't going to 'waste' an extra £2. When would I finish 3 bottles? So I simply polished over the chipped ones - it wasn't obvious don't worry!

Friday Notes x Fun Links From Around The Web #7

Hey people!

It's okay if you're wondering why you're reading this on a Saturday. It's because I'm writing it on a Saturday. It's been so long since I had a Friday Notes post, and I didn't want to let another week go by without writing.

We've been on holiday for the past two weeks and the time zone change sort of affected my posting schedule. But all good now!

It really does feel so good to be home. We were in the US and basically had a great time being tourists and catching up with family and friends! Plus I had way too much waffles! I'll try to have a blog post on our trip as soon as I can. 

Friday Notes x Fun Links From Around the Web #6

It's Friday Darlings, Friday! 

And like most people, I'm generally thankful for this day and often think it doesn't come quickly enough. The only time I feel Fridays come too quickly is when I have to write these notes, and I realise I hadn't been quite prepared. I'm often like "what, Friday already!". That happened last night and I slept off at 3 am without writing!

What a week it's been though. I'm mentally giving myself a pat on the back for successfully publishing 2 blog posts this week, which were very well received! 

And the tweet I woke up to this morning? It totally warmed my insides but at the same time I burst out laughing. I tweeted that I was back to being obsessed with my blog, and a reader replied that she loves it although she often complains in her head that I'm too consistent and she's always having to catch up!

Friday Notes X Fun Links From Around the Web #5

It's another Friday! Who's excited?

And I guess it's a long weekend for people on the UK and Nigeria and maybe other parts of the world! I'm definitely thankful for that extra day, because my weekend already seems like it'll be packed full.

I was hoping to share some pretty good news with you guys today, but at the time of writing this, all the dots are not in place, so I guess it'll have to wait till a post next week or maybe next Friday's notes!

That said, my week didn't go to badly although it felt a bit slow, and the days seemed to drag. But then, I finally saw the movie "The Wedding Party" on Netflix. For those who don't know it's a recent Nigerian movie that seemed to be on everyone's lips recently and was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2016. I particularly wanted to watch it because of its Nigerian inter ethnic set up. The bride to be was Yoruba and the groom was Igbo (the reverse of Tee & I - see more here) and there was so much hassle about the wedding and the couple being together.

Friday Notes x Fun Links From Around The Web #4

Hello Hello! 

How are you doing this Friday!? I woke up feeling all pumped and I'm wondering if it had anything to do with the Jollof rice I cooked at 12 midnight and ate into the early hours of today. I think I've mastered my Jollof rice recipe and it takes me no time to whip one up. The only downside is that I tend to over eat it - as was the case this morning when the husband had to actually give me the side eye and ask why I kept going back for more food! 

But asides that I'm really just thankful for health and blessings as the weirdest thing happened on the way into work yesterday. I think I snapped / sprained a back muscle and suddenly couldn't walk. Had to request first aid, paramedics and eventually spent 4 hours in the clinic! Thankfully it was nothing and my back is great. But just made me more thankful for the daily things we take for granted. 

Friday Notes x Fun Links From Around the Web #3

Another Friday!

I can't believe I actually didn't share the Friday Notes and fun links last weekend. I was practically looking forward to it because I felt I had quite a bit of activity. Well, it's not too late. Let's just flash back to two weekends ago when I shared Fun Links #2.

That weekend, we did go down to spend the weekend in Exeter - south of England. I was going to be in Exeter for work on Monday and the office had booked accommodation for Sunday night. But rather than just go down on Sunday, we decided to go on Saturday to have more time to explore. So we got an amazing cabin on a golf course - which I absolutely loved. But the weather wasn't too great so we'd be planning to go back in Summer. I actually asked the resort if they'd be willing to collaborate and I could write a review. They said it was a possibility, so let's see what happens -*fingers crossed*

Now, why didn't anyone tell me Logan was an X-men movie!. Having seen Hidden Figures, I was really excited to see a movie last weekend. And all over Twitter I had seen people rave about Logan. No clue what it was - I just thought I just had to see it.

Friday Notes x Fun Links from Around the Web #2

Hey hey!

Except you missed it last Friday (read up here), you know the new way forward on the blog every Friday! We talk about the previous week, weekend plans & share fun links from all the web!

As hoped, I took Tee to see the movie Hidden Figures - and he did not sleep! That's one indicator for how absolutely awesome it was. Honestly I enjoyed every second of it. It's so important that these stories are being told. And if I manage to finally put my thoughts together, I may share the lessons I picked up! (I've only ever talked about movies on the blog once - it was the movie JOY & the awesome lessons from it!)

On a lighter note though, I ordered a medium size bowl of nachos to munch while watching, and almost choked when I googled & found out it was circa 875 calories! This fitfam business isn't an easy one.

The rest of the week wasn't as productive as hoped, even though I was sort of on a break from work. I've realised I'm much more productive when I have more to do!