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Four Tips That Helped Save Costs During Our Wedding

I’m usually not that crazy about weddings - even mine. So it was a bit surprising that last weekend, I had a bit of wedding nostalgia. The memories from my wedding came flooding back and I wished I could be transported back there (with a few tweaks).

I’m not sure where the nostalgia came from. Perhaps because a friend sent me a message at 3 am on Saturday morning saying a few of our friends were discussing how they had such a good time at our wedding. Or maybe because there were so many wedding videos on Instagram Story this weekend. Or finally, maybe it was because I was about to create a photo wall gallery at home and none of our wedding pictures made the cut. I’m probably one of the few people who 4 years into their wedding, don’t have an enlarged wedding photo. Heck, we still don't have an album, but I have now set that as a major target for Q4 2018.

Anyway, all these feelings meant that I deep dived into the soft copies of our wedding album and started glancing through.

8 Witty Responses to the "When Are You Getting Married?" Question

Wedding season is well and truly upon us. In fact, it kicked in about 2 months ago but it is now approaching its peak – at least in the northern hemisphere due to our challenging weather and the summer months being more conducive to [large] celebrations and social media worthy pictures.
I love weddings and I have had the privilege of attending many. Despite the utter chaos I have experienced at numerous [African] weddings, I still look forward to celebrating the love of my friends and family and somehow manage to remain optimistic that the next one will be more fun than the last.
As my various social media feeds fill with pictures, videos and snaps of #weddingguest #blacklove #weddingoftheyear and #couplegoals, so do some of my friend’s bodies with sporadic feelings of dread.

Six Things I Noticed at a Nigerian / South African Wedding Reception

I was recently scrolling through my phone reminiscing on our last trip away and the beautiful memories of the wedding between my Nigerian cousin and his South African bride. And then I realised I hadn’t exactly written about it. Ok, actually I didn’t realise. I had hoped to write about it, but didn’t seem to get to it yet. 

It was an intimate ceremony with about 120 guests. Although less than a quarter of the typical Nigerian wedding size, this didn’t seem any less fun or grand - the bride did arrive in a horse drawn carriage after all.  

My thoughts below would contain a couple of hyperboles, but you get the gist. 

The Wedding Party Movie + 4 Things to Note When Planning an Inter-Ethnic Nigerian Wedding

So I promised to write a post on the rather box office breaking Nigerian movie "The Wedding Party". Not because I'm a movie critic, but because the subject was one quite close to my heart and I could relate with a few of the experiences.

You probably can tell already that the subject is Inter-Ethnic marriages and initially when I started blogging, I thought that's what my entire blog would be about. Not close, but at least I have a dedicated section for that - Inter-Ethnic Love Stories

So this movie, was about Dunni Coker and Dozie Onwuka's wedding and all the intricacies surrounding the wedding. Of interest to me, was the fact that Dunni was Yoruba and Dozie was Igbo. So this was an inter-ethnic Wedding. 

It reminded me of some of the issues that are likely to come even when planning such wedding and how it could potentially cause conflict! So using my experience as well, let me share some of what I noticed.

7 Hilarious Questions Couples Think of at Their Wedding!

One of my best friends got married this past weekend, and it was so sad that I couldn't make it. Life really just happens you know. Four of us met in University about 12 years ago, and lived together for 2 years during our penultimate & final years of our LL.B degree.

We'd shop together, sometimes wear each other's clothes and often shoes. 3 out of 4 of us could roughy squeeze into a size 6 (UK) pair of shoes - although just one person (me) was an actual 6. The other taller than me was a 7 and the other shorter than me was a 5.5. But as young broke students, we made it work. The last person? no luck... she was a UK size 9 and often had shoe issues. Even at my wedding, her shoes were a struggle to find and didn't quite fit. (All my girls wore the same shoes which I loved! - Photo here). 

We're planning a girl's trip soon and we hope it works because the last time we were together was at my wedding. We naturally thought it'll happen that way for all the other three weddings. But when the size 9 friend got married 2 years ago, life had happened and only one of us could make it. Me the size 6, was already married, adjusting to my new UK lifestyle and couldn't make it for the wedding. The size 7 was somewhere in the land of the free trying to bag a masters degree and see if there was really anything such as the American dream.

Anyway, it was the shortest of us all - the size 5.5 that got married this past weekend. 

3 Important Details in Creating Beautiful Wedding Memories (Lessons from Our Wedding)

We recently watched our wedding video - on a cool Saturday evening. If I'm being honest, my husband had to cajole me to watch it, as I wasn't quite keen. I had an awesome wedding, and I was pretty happy with the way the day turned out. But I'd watched it before and apart from the fact that it's kind of funny watching yourself on video, some parts of the video were kind of uncomfortable to watch.

8 Interesting type of Dancers you'll find at a Nigerian wedding party

If you're a fan of weddings, you know dancing is a pretty important part of the wedding. I'm not overlooking the father-daughter dance or the couples' first dance, but how guests react to and on the dance floor is a major key to how well your wedding is graded. You'll have a lit* Nigerian wedding party if your DJ / Band was awesome and the party rocked. I hadn't been to a Nigerian wedding in two years (last one attended was mine in 2014!). So when I attended one recently in Lagos, I had such a fab time, and noticed the 7 kind of dancers you're likely to come across

Our Civil Wedding Ceremony and Pre-Wedding Shoot Experience

"I've been married to the same person three times", I said.

That was the only thing I could come up with when at work, we were asked to state quirky facts about ourselves. Of course my Caucasian colleagues had a lot of 'quirky' things to say. These mostly involved some extreme sporting stunts and thrilling hobbies.

Then, there was the one girl who said she had never eaten chicken wings. Just because she found them 'funny' to eat. Thankfully, that day she was made to eat at least three pieces of chicken wings.