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WeInterview: Haneefah Adam - Hijarbie Creator, Visual Artist and all-round Creative

Honestly, for a second, when I reached out to Hanie for this interview there was a bit of me that thought "Well Kach, hope you know it's okay if she turns you down as she's used to being interviewed by BBC, Reuters etc, plus she's featured on major international publications like CNN and Cosmopolitan". Obviously, you've figured she was gracious enough to accept.

We Interview: Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo - Food & Fitness Coach, Christian Blogger and Writer!

I've known Eziaha since our first year days in University. We weren't particularly close, but an image I have of her is one of brightly coloured hair, nails and contact lenses, always chatting exuberantly and gesticulating! She's been a ton of inspiration to me recently in so many ways - not least is her losing over 30kg in just a few months. Her personality is pretty infectious, and you may catch a glimpse in this interview! Enjoy.

We Interview: The Beautified Woman, Funto Ibuoye

Interestingly, I first heard of Funto's husband GaiseBaba, before Funto. This was in 2014 as I stumbled on their online wedding feature where he spoke about deciding to wait until marriage before having sex. Thanks to Instagram of course, I discovered Funto Ibuoye - an inspiring young lady. At only 26, she's authored two books and is the founder of The Beautified Network which hosts the Becoming conference for young women. Asides all the important stuff, I like Funto because like me, she prefers glasses to contacts. Enjoy!

We Interview: Cassie Daves - Blog Planner Creator, Medical Doctor, Blogger & Model

In 2014, I was searching for a make-up artist for my upcoming wedding, when I came across this picture of Cassie made up by Christine Creations, which ultimately led me to her blog page. After a filled day on her blog, I totally forgot about her until she wore a TwentySix skirt and I found her again via social media. She's recently created an amazing blog planner, first of its kind in Nigeria. As a tool bloggers need to step up their game, it has been approved by a lot of bloggers. She may want to be on the cover of Vogue someday but has no tips for a perfect selfie. 

We Interview: Adebola Rayo on Mental Illness, Life and John Boyega

I've probably known Rayo since we were about 7 years old. I never wanted to be paired up against her during primary school debates. She was the one person I thought could easily outshine me. 

Co-incidentally in 2009, we had to compete against each other again in Uni, at a public speaking event.  We both sort of lost. 

It was only few weeks ago, I learned of her condition. It's often hard for people to share such stories, especially in Nigeria and wider Africa. I'm extremely proud of her for constantly willing to share.

We Interview: Adesola Falomo, The Ultimate TwentySix Woman

We had just met and I remember seeing her sketches of female swimsuits.  They looked really different from the regular one piece (I hear it's now called monokini) or bikinis. She casually mentioned that she had plans to perhaps one day, produce those on a commercial scale. I'm sure I thought 'Ah people are creative oh, while I'm just here trying to finish this LL.B degree'. That was many moons ago. Swim wear is not yet a part of TwentySix label, but hey, we don't know what she has up her sleeves. When TwentySix launched, a part of me was not surprised.