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How It Feels to Be a Twin - Edem & Efi Andah

One fascinating thing about Edem & Efi is that they're named after both of their parents - that is very cool!  

As noted in the past features, being a twin makes you selfless and imbibe a spirit of sharing. However I'm not quite sure these ladies loved the fact that they had to share a cell phone while their younger sister got one to herself!

Edem & Efi both doctors in the UK happily share all of their experiences with us. From ditching the concept of wearing the same clothes, being compared, telepathy & the truth about twins as best friends.

In addition, they've shared two of their terribly cute baby photos! And while it does seem that they looked much more alike when they were younger, you will see it's still not that easy to tell them apart. Or is it?

How It Feels to Be A Twin - Kehinde & Taiwo Omotosho

When I reached out to Kehinde, and explained that I was fascinated with twins and would love to feature them on here, she jokingly responded "No worries, we are fascinated with you mortals too". Oh dear. I guess we mere mortals just have no idea how twins are slightly above mortals eh?

The names Kehinde & Taiwo are common names for twins from the Western part of Nigeria. There's an interesting explanation regarding who is older, and who comes out of the womb first. I often think I know this clearly in my mind, and then when I try to explain it to someone else I get confused.

These lovely ladies are in their late twenties, and they have two 'mere mortal' younger brothers. Kenny has a degree in English but is currently studying nursing in Indianapolis, having previously worked in the media industry for two years as a TV producer and newscaster. She is an irrevocable sanguine and loves to write funny poems, read, dance & cook!

Taiwo is also a nursing student who enjoys dancing and acting. She says she can wake up from any kind of deep slumber just to have her mum's akara (Nigerian meal made of fried ground bean paste).

They share their experiences with us! But first - according to them, an unspoken rule about twins is that "you never ever intervene in our fights, arguments or quarrels. In a twinkle of an eye, we will settle, and pounce on you".