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A Quick Visit to Olumo Rock, Abeokuta!

So, finally I got to visit Olumo Rock. It is a popular tourist attraction in Ogun State, Nigeria but I had never been. I think once in primary school, there was a school trip to the rock but I didn't go. My parents were pretty paranoid about such road trips. Tee is actually from Abeokuta and I had visited the town a couple of times, but couldn't make it to the rock.  

Should your Husband go on a Men-only vacation?

My husband's friends are absolute clowns and I often have such a good time with them to be honest. On holiday recently, they jokingly commented that I hadn't written any post about them. They sort of bullied me to be honest, and so this one's for them! Whenever they are together, they continuously talk about how the best holidays they've had is the one without me in it! Obviously the husband knows better than to agree with them.

Stay-cation in St Ives, Cornwall

If like me, your geography is quite poor and you weren't sure if there were beaches in the UK, well well... there are! I remember a funny episode. My Supervisor randomly mentioned that he wanted to take his daughter out to the beach in Somerset, but it was still too cold. I didn't even pretend to know. I just blurted out "Are there beaches in the UK?".  Good thing though, I don't think he heard me, so I just forgot about it and did the research for myself. 

The Dubai Vacations That Never Happened

I'm struggling to remember how old I was. Maybe 16 or thereabout.  

My cousins were planning a holiday to Dubai, and because I was (am) such an awesome brilliant child, my god-parents invited me to follow them!

Obviously I was overly excited while my siblings openly hated my excitement. I stuffed a few clothes into my blue medium sized suitcase waiting for the D-day. 

2016, The Chinese Year of the Monkey + Etiquette Tips When In China

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Shi Ru Yi (恭喜发财,万事如意)!

Fear not, I'm not raining any curses on you, and I could almost hear my Nigerian friends saying 'What year of the Monkey, this is our year of Supernatural Upliftment and Unimaginable Prosperity'

Chill people, I've simply said "Congratulations on your good fortune and may all your ten thousand wishes come true!" This is the official Mandarin greeting for the Chinese New Year, which was on February 8. The New Year celebration lasts for 15 days and dogs get special treats on day one of the celebrations.