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10 Contract Clauses Every Small Business Owner Should Be Aware Of:

One good thing about social media (and particularly Instagram) is that it has helped showcase how enterprising and resourceful the average person is. Small and medium scale businesses are springing up daily, hustling and succeeding. For these businesses, either at the early or later stages, they may need to enter into some sort of contractual agreements relating to the sale of their goods or provision of their services. 

The Social Media Mrs: Taking your Husband's Last Name only on Facebook

So, I had lunch with a couple of ladies last week and in the middle of the conversation, one of them mentioned that she hadn't officially changed her last name to that of her husband. This was followed by a "Neither have I" by Lady 2.  If you read my post on botched travel plans to Dubai, you'll know I haven't come around to officially changing mine.  What was going on here. We had all been married for an average of 2.5  years, so why did we still have our maiden names? Is this a new trend among newly married women?