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A Review of The Grill by Delis Restaurant: Not for the Budget Eater

As a foodie, when I'm pretty overwhelmed, food makes me happy. So after a mini-rant to my friend on the craziness of my week, the response was "I know good food will make you better".

So it sure helped when this friend - as true friends do - suggested we have lunch at the Grille by Delis: a newish restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos. But you know what was more exciting: it was not on my account - we weren't even going dutch!

C'mon who says no to free food! Shout to friends who know how to brighten your day. I tagged along with my biggest appetite and an empty stomach - as I had eaten absolutely nothing that day.

On arrival, the hostess welcomed us warmly and ushered us to our seats which were by the window overlooking the outdoor space. Although there's indoor and outdoor sitting, we opted for the former. The ambience was very upscale, fresh and bright which I loved.

Four Mini Favourites #2

Another month, another set of mini faves. These are some of the things I’ve loved in the month of May.  

As usual, they cut across various areas and I share the good sides and downsides (very few things are absolutely perfect yes?) with prices and links to purchase!

So let’s see what's in the bag this time.