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6 (+1) Reasons to Watch Korean Drama Series / Telenovelas

As opposed to movies or TV, I like to escape the tediousness of life through books. That not withstanding I have to admit that I might be obsessed with Korean drama series. When my family and friends found out, they were shocked, and dare I say, a bit scandalized. The usual line was "how can such a no no-nonsense person like you like Korean dramas?"

I, like most people I know, found Korean dramas in secondary/high school where girls were giggling over how lovely the guys were to look at.

But I really disliked the cheesy storylines. At first.

Then I was hooked.

And after my explanations below, you're likely to get hooked too (yes, even if you're a no-nonsense person as I supposedly am).

1. Drama. Drama. More drama. Infinte drama.

If like me, you have a rather boring or uneventful daily life, Korean dramas are for you. I lead a boring life by choice because I just can't deal with the complications and complexities of an otherwise active one. With Korean movies, you get a bit of excitement with no complications and/or consequences.

8 Amazing Life Nuggets From Jumoke Adenowo's King Woman Interview

If you've read my last two Friday Notes, you'd know I'd gone on a bit about watching KingWomen. In fact my mum was around for a week and I made her and Tee watch every single episode. They almost started to make fun of me. 

This past weekend, I decided to have some chill time! So I finally opted to have a proper soak on a tub (yay! I think I may just do that often). For company, I thought to binge on the latest edition of KingWomen with Jumoke Adenowo. To be honest, I didn't really know of her. I may have heard her name few times, but that was pretty much it. 

As I do with most YouTube videos or anything at all, I quite enjoy reading  the reviews and comments. Many people seemed to think that this one was filled with gems! People even talked about bringing out their note pads and taking notes! That piqued my curiosity more. And the truth is, I could see why. I have to agree that there was so much that was very sensible in this episode. And in quite a number of ways, I could see myself in her. 

9 (+1) Important Life Lessons From "Hidden Figures"!

Hidden Figures I think we can all agree, was an absolutely brilliant film. As I'm not anything close to a movie critic, I'm not assessing the acting, the costume or whatever else movie critics assess and determine to award a one star or a five. But even if I were looking for loopholes, I'm sure it'd be a decent struggle to find huge ones.

The brilliance of the movie for me, is simply in the story. In the fact that these excellent and pioneering  women existed & up till now we had never heard of them. Clearly they'd been hidden from us. The brilliance of the movie for me was also demonstrated by the fact that my husband didn't sleep while watching it (trust me that's a correlation to how good a movie is). And more particularly right after the movie he said to me "Now I'm going to spend all night researching these ladies". I wasn't surprised because those were my exact plans. You were likely to leave the cinema wanting to know more about the lives of these iconic women!

I wasn't exactly planning to write a recap of lessons learnt - because I'd seen a few on the web. But then someone specifically asked what lessons I had drawn from the movie. Again, as I always preach everyone's experience is unique, so why not!

Four Lessons from Joy - (The Movie about a Mop)

Weekends are the best! But for me they often fly by in a whiff. On some rare weekends however, I get to see a movie in the Cinema.

First question: Have you ever seen a movie with a pastor, or someone who has to learn a lesson from every movie?

Oh oh. I have. I saw the Martian with a Pastor. In 4DX. Which provides an experience that stimulates all five senses. It includes high-tech motion seats and special effects including wind, fog, lightning, bubbles, water, rain and scents. So basically, if it's raining in the movie, drops of water will actually fall on you.