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6 Helpful Assets to Invest Your Money In Your 20s (and 30s!)

I read a tweet once that basically said "your 20s is for chilling and 30s is for building".

You have got to be joking - I haven’t laughed harder in a very long time. 

That tweet is so wrong. To build you need a foundation. Your 20s is for laying a solid foundation – in this case foundation with regards to investment. In your 30s and above you can consolidate on the foundation laid.

But, if you're already in your 30s and you feel this article isn’t for you - again you're wrong. As the saying goes "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now".

I started my 1st job 10 years ago, when I turned 21. And I had no savings culture or investment plan. This lingered for the 1st 5 years of my career. I went from zero salary to over one hundred thousand per month and my expenses surprisingly grew at the same pace

We Interview: Bola Onada Sokunbi (Clever Girl Finance) - Money & Finance Expert

I love talking about money. I love budgeting and knowing where every last bit of my money goes to. And ofcourse, I absolutely detest being broke. So when I stumbled on Bola of Clever Girl Finance (CGF), two things attracted me to her Instagram page. First was probably the beauty of the page. Her message was conveyed in text and in such pretty fonts. Second was ofcourse the money wisdom she was dishing out. She was certainly filling a need and I knew that some day I'd love to meet, interview or have coffee with her.  When I realised a couple of weeks ago, that CGF had only just turned two, my enthusiasm was tripled. Her success has been outstanding and I couldn't wait to ask her a few questions.

It's often such a pleasure when someone is not only smart but actually nice and warm in real life. Curious about the apps she used to create her images, I slid into her DM about a year ago, and she graciously answered all of my questions. And when the time came for this interview, despite her tight schedule, she made it work!

Bola is a certified financial consultant providing tailored money advice to women - helping them ditch debt, budget, save and build real wealth! From her one on one coaching, accountability group to money journals, worksheets and e-books, it's obvious how much effort she puts into her business and how much she knows her onions! I've got so many money tips off her page it's amazing.

She often shares how she saved $100,000 in 3.5 years, while earning $54,000! Recently someone doubted this and it was absolutely hilarious when she pulled out the receipts and evidence.

Relationship on a Budget: 10 Do-able & Fun-at-Home Ideas (without spending any Money)

I love speaking to myself - often imagining I have my own TV show. Being married sort of means I have to turn that down a notch lest someone begins to wonder if I'm okay. But I don't think I'm alone in this. I recently read a thread where a woman said her husband walked in on her speaking loudly and pretending like she was on her own show with a full audience. He was slightly confused. A lot of other women responded saying they did the same as well!

Anyway, yesterday while getting set for work in the morning, I had one of those talk-to myself moments as I said "I'm going to be so frugal in these coming weeks". I thought it was a slight whisper, but I must have been pretty audible because from across the room, Tee responded, "Me too!"

In my mind, I'm thinking "how weird that we're planning to be fugal as we approach February - the supposed month of romance, love and lavish gifting"

5 Categories of Money Questions to Ask While Dating (& even if you're Married!)

I absolutely love talking about money and I'm incredibly money conscious. Sometimes for good, sometimes well, for not so good. I probably know how much is in my bank account at every given time. I over analyse before making purchases - and if I didn't analyse way too much before swiping my card, I definitely analyse after, wondering if the new shoes were such a good deal or if i really had to eat at that restaurant. I like to account for every single penny. I've been known to cry in the past, when I couldn't account for how I spent  N200 say out of N10,000 or when I forgot to take my £10 note out of the cash machine. 

But much more than taking about personal money, I love talking about money with Tee. How much do we have?

The Designer Luxury Handbag: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Honestly, I find myself laughing way too often when I'm on social media. Literally, no chill. From memes to hashtags to GIFS, to just the opinions of people. Apparently, last Monday was #NationalHandbagDay. No jokes. Like seriously.  It's banter all right but I saw a couple of people put up photos of their handbags. And when when I searched the hashtag at the time of writing this post, there were 15,737 posts on Instagram.