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8 Interesting type of Dancers you'll find at a Nigerian wedding party

If you're a fan of weddings, you know dancing is a pretty important part of the wedding. I'm not overlooking the father-daughter dance or the couples' first dance, but how guests react to and on the dance floor is a major key to how well your wedding is graded. You'll have a lit* Nigerian wedding party if your DJ / Band was awesome and the party rocked. I hadn't been to a Nigerian wedding in two years (last one attended was mine in 2014!). So when I attended one recently in Lagos, I had such a fab time, and noticed the 7 kind of dancers you're likely to come across

4 Perfectly Do-able Traditions for (Young) Couples

If you're a fan of the TV series, "How I met your mother", (and you should be! Lily and Marshall - played  by Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan - were pretty much couple goals) you may remember this. Lily and Marshall had this airport pick up tradition since their sophomore year (2nd Year) in college. Whenever either of them came back from a trip, he/she must bring a six pack beer from the destination and the other wears a chauffeur hat to meet him/her at the airport. In one episode they thought the tradition was becoming unnecessary and decided to drop it.

The Social Media Mrs: Taking your Husband's Last Name only on Facebook

So, I had lunch with a couple of ladies last week and in the middle of the conversation, one of them mentioned that she hadn't officially changed her last name to that of her husband. This was followed by a "Neither have I" by Lady 2.  If you read my post on botched travel plans to Dubai, you'll know I haven't come around to officially changing mine.  What was going on here. We had all been married for an average of 2.5  years, so why did we still have our maiden names? Is this a new trend among newly married women? 

EastMeetsWest || 6 questions on our Inter-Ethnic Marriage

One of the reasons I felt inclined to start this blog, was to share experiences on Inter-Ethnic relationships and Marriages in Nigeria.

I shared my experience on the Yoruba culture of kneeling to greet elders here, and going forward, every other personal experience will be in the EastmeetWest posts. 

For now, as an Inter-Ethnic couple here are some of the questions we get asked the most, and we've answered. 

Our Civil Wedding Ceremony and Pre-Wedding Shoot Experience

"I've been married to the same person three times", I said.

That was the only thing I could come up with when at work, we were asked to state quirky facts about ourselves. Of course my Caucasian colleagues had a lot of 'quirky' things to say. These mostly involved some extreme sporting stunts and thrilling hobbies.

Then, there was the one girl who said she had never eaten chicken wings. Just because she found them 'funny' to eat. Thankfully, that day she was made to eat at least three pieces of chicken wings. 

6 Love Lessons learned from my Wedding Ring

I had no idea what kind of wedding ring I wanted.  I can probably not tell a diamond from a cubic zirconia, and I marvel at those pickpockets in Lagos who manage to rob people of their expensive jewellery in traffic. I marvel because they can tell the difference - many times they'll snatch only the gold and leave the fake jewellery. All I knew was that I wanted a yellow gold uncommon ring - not the white gold.