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Let's Do This! 6 Ways to be More Grateful in Our Everyday Life

If you were to score yourself over 10, how thankful will you say you are on a daily basis? An 8? A 4? Gratitude is one of those virtues we know we should practise often. We know that at every point in time we should be at the very least 99.9 % thankful. But we fall short. Oh sometimes we fall really short! Disappointments happen, and life gets tough. From slim bank accounts to stressful jobs, annoying spouses and everything else in between. 

Dear Adult, It's OK to Unleash Your Inner Child!

I'd never been on a trampoline until a couple of weeks ago.The closest I came to as a child, was probably bouncing castles - but those never really interested me, for reasons unknown. I think maybe it was too much of rumbling and tumbling. When BBM was still very much in use (does anyone still actively use BBM?) my friend once changed her profile picture. It was a mix of 4 different photos. All of which had her on a trampoline.

Don't Hit Snooze: How to become a Morning Person!

I'm such a not-a-morning person who loves being a morning person! I know I know, that doesn't seem to make any sense. But, really there's nothing I love more than the few days I get up on time. Too bad on most days, I hit snooze a million times, which is ridiculous because as a stand-up comedian says: "Hitting the snooze button in the morning doesn’t even make sense. It’s like saying, I hate getting up in the morning so I do it over and over and over again." 

Should your Husband go on a Men-only vacation?

My husband's friends are absolute clowns and I often have such a good time with them to be honest. On holiday recently, they jokingly commented that I hadn't written any post about them. They sort of bullied me to be honest, and so this one's for them! Whenever they are together, they continuously talk about how the best holidays they've had is the one without me in it! Obviously the husband knows better than to agree with them.

Lunch Sorted! 10 Really Good Tips for Weekly Meal Prepping

Nothing beats packing your own lunch to work. The advantages are many. You save money, and possibly eat healthier. And of course, all your colleagues get to envy you as they say "You're so disciplined you actually pack your lunch all the time". While some of them really mean it, others are probably thinking "Oh goodness does this person have a life? Spends all weekend cooking". Well, the good news is you don't need to spend all weekend cooking and you can still have  your home made goodness for lunch! 

Our Not-So-Free Freebie Photoshoot Experience (and how to get the best out of Freebies)

Freebies are awesome! Nothing like that feeling when you receive something you like for free or for less! They come in different forms - "Buy 1 get 1 free", "Sign up and get free delivery on your next item", "Win a £200 voucher - just sign up to our Facebook page, "Try Netflix for free for the first month - just enter your bank card details". Many times we are aware that there's a catch. But either the idea of the freebie seems worth the catch or we believe we've totally checked out the T&Cs and it's a true freebie. So we go for it! The latter situation happened on this 'free' photoshoot!