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Countdown to Christmas: 24 Do-able Activities for Your Advent Calendar!

Whether you technically celebrate this time of the year or not, you have to admit there's something so awesome about this period.

Depending on your age and location, I'll bet your thankful for this season. From the thrill of fireworks to a yearning for white Christmas, singing out loud to your favourite carols, eating way too much food and relishing the taste of mulled wines. Or maybe you'll have some fun with younger kids finding Santa. Even if you will just be curled up in bed thankful for work free days, there's often something for everyone

10 Tips to Improve Your Art of Gifting & How to Always Buy the Perfect Gifts!

Gifting is an art. And even though many gifts are often not wrapped in fancy paper and ribbons, there's something so heartwarming about buying or receiving the perfect gift for or from a loved one.

But many people are not great with gifting and end up agonising about gift buying. Fear not, we've got you covered with these 10 amazing tips - whether you're bad at it or already pretty good. 


Valentine Day Gifting: Tangible Items, Experiences or Money?

It's Valentine day, and my 'experience' today reminds me of one of first times this realisation hit me. I don't like cakes. No matter how sweet, sugary, scrumptious or spongy it looks. Nope. Not a fan. So I was a bit disappointed when by about 7pm on my 25th Birthday, all I had received from Tee was an amazingly decorated and lovely looking cake. Bleh! It was still a cake.