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Exploring Lebanese Cuisine in Lagos: My Time at Salma's

After an intense low carb week recently, I looked forward to the weekend as my cheat day was fast approaching. I’m sure you all have figured out that I really love food. Since I came across Salma’s Instagram page I was excited to visit and I informed my food buddy that we had to go. More so, I really love Lebanese food and I got super excited to check it out.

Salma’s is quite easy to locate. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of an apartment building and there’s a little coffee shop tucked at the side. There is a swimming pool behind the restaurant and also a view of the Lagos Lagoon. The ambience is everything . The restaurant is well lit and spacious. The gold lanterns gave an Arabian vibe that reminded me of my time in Morocco.

For the first time in a while, I entered a restaurant in Nigeria and fell in love. 

A Review of The Grill by Delis Restaurant: Not for the Budget Eater

As a foodie, when I'm pretty overwhelmed, food makes me happy. So after a mini-rant to my friend on the craziness of my week, the response was "I know good food will make you better".

So it sure helped when this friend - as true friends do - suggested we have lunch at the Grille by Delis: a newish restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos. But you know what was more exciting: it was not on my account - we weren't even going dutch!

C'mon who says no to free food! Shout to friends who know how to brighten your day. I tagged along with my biggest appetite and an empty stomach - as I had eaten absolutely nothing that day.

On arrival, the hostess welcomed us warmly and ushered us to our seats which were by the window overlooking the outdoor space. Although there's indoor and outdoor sitting, we opted for the former. The ambience was very upscale, fresh and bright which I loved.

Fathers, Daughters and Food: 7 Women on Their Favourite Food Memories

When fathers and daughters have really close bonds - it’s beautiful to see. But even in the absence of such perfect relationships, a few memories pop up with fondness.

As a self proclaimed foodie, it may interest you to know that I strongly suspect this trait is courtesy of my dad - he loves his food.  No surprises therefore that I have a number of food filled memories with or relating to him. That would be a post of its own.

But for Father’s day today, I asked women to share memories, anecdotes, stories of their fathers and food. Read on as 7 women share happily: from cooking to eating habits, experiences, lessons and love - and don't forget to share yours too in the comments.

I Didn't Eat Rice for 46 Days... Here's What Happened

I think I have an unhealthy relationship with rice. Scratch that. I know I have an unhealthy relationship with rice.

And if you know me even remotely, you probably know this fact.

Rice is what I blame for my bingo wings and love handles. At a restaurant, I'm very often scanning the menu for rice. Rice is the reason I'm a fan of Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, and ofcourse Nigerian cuisine - which is the biggest culprit of all.  At an event I'm most likely filling my plate with rice - and going back for seconds. Or if there's no rice, I'm most likely wondering "how is there no rice?". As someone said, a party without rice is basically a gathering. 

Rice was my default work lunch on most days. I remember once a senior colleague at work asked what I was having for lunch.

3 Easy, Delicious + Healthy Meal Ideas for the Work Week

Breakfast is generally seen as the most important meal of the day, yet since I started working full time over 3 years ago; my mornings have shrunk more and more leaving very little time for breakfast. At first I thought "no big deal, I’ll just eat in the office". Until I realised that days went by without leaving my desk. I would have breakfast and lunch at my desk and sometimes those would be my only meals of the day.

Not only is that quite sad, it was putting a noticeable dent in my pocket. The average breakfast was costing £4 on average which amounts to roughly £80 a month and ...wait for it....£960 a year! *wails loudly*

With that in mind, I had to look for quick meals I could grab before leaving the house or (begrudgingly) make at the office.

5 Top Nigerian Food Bloggers & Business/ Life Lessons to Learn From Them

Just yesterday, October 1, Nigeria celebrated her 57th Independence anniversary. Pretty sure you know what that means but just in case anyone doesn't, it's the 57th year since Nigeria gained her freedom from British colonialists, and became a recognised sovereign nation.  

I'll like to say that this post was planned to tally and commemorate such celebration - after all our food is one thing most Nigerians agree is amazing.  But it's actually just a coincidence. It's been on my draft list for ages and well my fingers finally decided to write it today.

If you've been anywhere in the Nigeria social media space recently, you may have seen a photo of a couple on board an air plane who had their own large tray of home cooked Nigerian style meat-laden-oily-tomato-definitely-spicy stew; and proceeded to serve themselves on white paper plates. Ofcourse the reactions were epic. While some people ooohed and aaahed, others wondered how on earth they could take that past security. Another group of people admitted that it could be done and was not illegal. Rather surprisingly a tiny percentage of people seemed to think it was inconsiderate of them and the aroma would inconvenience other passengers. 

One thing was certain though. Nigerians love their food. And personally I'll take that over the meals often served in the plane.

Okay, back to the crux of this post. I follow a ton of Nigerian food bloggers. Perhaps too many - and at my own detriment as their food photos always make me very hungry. 

4(+1) Best Hacks & Tricks for Cooking Your Favourite Nigerian Foods

I'm such a huge fan of Nigerian food. I'm one of those people who think that the entire world should be fans of Nigerian food too. If I had a few million dollars today, one thing I'd definitely set up is a Nigerian food chain. There's no way it wouldn't succeed - Nigerians love their food. And even non-Nigerians often take a liking to it. Food brings us together in more ways than one. And I've heard incredible stories about people's love for Nigerian food that honestly just makes me gasp! From missing flights due to food, to travelling with packed dishes of frozen stews and soup. I've also seen so many Nigerians make food such a big deal in their lives that even I, the foodie, actually wonders if it isn’t just food. 
I'm not sure whether I love Nigerian food so much only because that's mostly what I've been exposed to - at least for the first 24 years or so of my life. 

We Interview: Ozoz Sokoh (Kitchen Butterfly) - Food Chef & Blogger

 I stumbled on Ozoz in a funny way. I was having a casual conversation with a friend and we were talking of Nigerian food. I might be biased, but I'm one of those people that believe Nigerian food should be absolutely global and the entire world has to love it.  My friend then said "I'm sure you know Kitchen Butterfly". I responded that I'd never heard of her. And my response was met with a "How can you not? Everyone knows her!"

I searched her out on Instagram that moment and never looked back. When I interviewed Rayo, she also mentioned that we should interview Ozoz next!  It's taken over 6 months, but here we are.