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Fashion Around The World - Stephanie Masuwa (Zambia)

It feels like it's been a while since we had the first Fashion Around The World, although it was only last month we started this series. When I concluded this interview with Steph, I just couldn't wait to share! Especially as I found myself laughing so hard at her response to what she'd never ever be caught wearing!

Curiosity lead me to Steph, as I often saw her blog link on a few blogs I visited. Finally one day, I decided to check it out - and was welcomed into Steph's world of fashion - which anyone would clearly see!

I've been following her for a while now, and whether it's a super chilly winter season or a casual sunny summer day, Steph appears to always have her A game on! Hopefully after this interview, some of her magic will rub off on me.

  Steph is Zambian and lived in the southern African country for most of her life, relocating to the UK nine years ago. She's an Economics student currently on a 1 year placement working as a business analyst! In her words "I used to hate looking at myself during my puberty stage due to the horrible pimples I used to have... Now I can't stop taking selfies of myself both with and without makeup!

I speak to Steph about her fashion & style and ofcourse about Zambia! Plus I really almost knocked my head on the wall and hid my face in shame when she shared the reasons we should visit Zambia - like how could I forget that it's home to a wonder of the world.

Ok no more spills, enjoy the interview!