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Two Instructors and a Dozen Red Roses || A Failed Driving Test Experience

Even though I wore my most comfy converse shoes, I still failed my driving test yesterday. Which is sad, because I had a mock test the day before. I wore the same shoes and I passed. Maybe I should have worn the exact same outfit as well. I really hoped I'd pass. So, obviously, I didn't think I'll be writing this post. On the other hand, I had toyed with the idea of a post when I passed. The highlight of the post would have been a picture of myself and my instructor - a 5ft3 grey haired man, with a slight limp who I'll miss when I eventually pass the test. 

Unintended Rant... and Orchestra Tickets

My typical weekday routine to get to work is simple. Alarm goes off at 6.30. I eventually roll off the bed at 7.00, after sneaking a last minute cuddle with Tee (Ugh! Why are those early morning last minute cuddles the absolute best?). I leave the house at 7.38 exactly, grabbing my brown structured leather bag (or so the label says), my red and blue tartan scarf and my fake fur hooded black jacket.