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11 Classes of Men Gifts That Work All The Time

"When you've dated the same guy for seven years, you begin to run out of gift ideas". That's a tweet I saw on my timeline and I laughed so hard. Follow me? (@KacheeTee). I could definitely relate. By next year, I'll have known Tee for 10 years! I honestly prefer buying male gifts to female gifts. It's a whole lot easier! But judging from the comments on my Instagram, a lot of ladies have difficulty buying male gifts.

Four Lessons from Joy - (The Movie about a Mop)

Weekends are the best! But for me they often fly by in a whiff. On some rare weekends however, I get to see a movie in the Cinema.

First question: Have you ever seen a movie with a pastor, or someone who has to learn a lesson from every movie?

Oh oh. I have. I saw the Martian with a Pastor. In 4DX. Which provides an experience that stimulates all five senses. It includes high-tech motion seats and special effects including wind, fog, lightning, bubbles, water, rain and scents. So basically, if it's raining in the movie, drops of water will actually fall on you.

Being Single, and Making the Most of it

Two good heads are better than one, undoubtedly. (With the assumption that all the heads have the similar level of goodness?). And can we all agree that a perfect Bae is the second good head we'd all like to have? Good. However, for certain reasons at some point we may have just one good head. We are Baeless or in a Long Distance Relationship/Marriage. In times like this, we must make the best use of our own good head, realise how much of a super hero we could possibly be on our own, and the potential opportunities these could present. 

First Date Disasters!

When you're single, dating is like a necessary evil.  It has to be done, till you find that one person whom you can (hopefully) tolerate their snores and constantly pick their clothes off the floor. Till you find this person with whom you can finally be your complete silly self, so many first dates are probably involved. I'll continually harass Tee forever for not wearing a socks on our first date.