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7 Alternate & Budget-friendly Party Ideas for Kids

Extravagant children’s birthday parties have become all the rage in recent times. It’s not unusual to attend a party that features elaborate décor, a lavish sweet table, and many other awesome extras! Aside from costing lots of money, these somewhat opulent events can also be expensive both in the time (planning and coordinating) and stress!

While many parents do like to celebrate age milestones, if throwing a big party doesn't appeal to you, here are some alternatives that are both fun-filled and perhaps more budget friendly!

Never Too Young or Too Small: Lessons from 8 Favourite Biblical Characters!

I intended to write this post a few weeks back, but never got around to it. But I had to finally pick up my pen (okay really the notes app on my phone) when someone I follow on Instagram celebrated her birthday recently! For some reason I was expecting her to be in her mid 30s. And then I see 29! I'm thinking "Hold on.... how has she achieved so much already!" Career wise and family wise!

I know they say age is nothing but a number, but I genuinely feel too young most of the time! It doesn't help that I'm kinda smallish and hardly wear any makeup. So although I'm 28, I often see myself as being younger - as therefore procrastinate doing or saying a few things because I think I'm too young (or look too young compared to many others) and wouldn't attract the necessary response. To be honest, I feel like once I turn 30 - I'll suddenly have so much strength and drive. 

Red lipstick and a 4 inch pretty shoe works for me like magic, and surely makes me feel older. 

Nigerian Inter-Ethnic Love Stories: YJ, Anire, Berry & Ekene Share Their Experience on Growing up 'Mixed'

Although I probably had a few around me growing up, I wasn't really conscious of kids who had parents that were from different ethnic groups in Nigeria. This was till high school - my closest friend's mum and dad were Yoruba and Igbo respectively. I was pretty intrigued. She had both Yoruba and Igbo names - although she had two of the former and one of the latter. But her first name was English. She was probably the first person to pique my interest on inter-ethnic marriage in Nigeria. 

Many years later, I've come to see so many kids who grew up this way. But the curiousity remains: what was growing up like, what foods did they eat? Did they associate primarily with one culture? Do they automatically learn how to speak both languages?  

What are your Sibling Goals?

Sibling Goals.

To be honest, that was the first time I was seeing that phrase.

We often see 'Relationship Goals', 'Marriage Goals', 'Career Goals'. I once saw 'Baby room goals', when someone shared the picture of her daughter's room. 

But Sibling Goals was new. The comment appeared on my social media feed, when someone updated a picture of his siblings.