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Hey Bloggers! || 3 Incredibly Important Blog Questions to Ask Yourself

I think that even the most successful bloggers stumbled on blogging. Very few had a clear mindset from the beginning as to their blogging goals or what they wanted to achieve. Many also underestimated the incredible amount of hard work that it takes! And that's why, you'd notice that the most successful bloggers hardly sit still. They're constantly thinking of ways to re-vamp themselves. One of my goals for 2017 was to share my blogging experiences and tips. Seeing as it has become a passion of mine, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve. 

Fun fact? In 2013, it was estimated that about 152 million blogs exist and in March 2015, it was estimated that about 1.13 million blog posts get published every day. 

If you're thinking of starting a blog, then like me you're bound to think "Geez who is going to read my blog!" If you've already started a blog, perhaps your thinking is tilted more towards "How do I succeed with this blogging thing!"


Hey Bloggers! || 23 (+1) Practical and Inspiring Quotes to Help You Blog Better

A couple of interesting blogging related moments happened this week. To be exact, three. 

First, was the husband suggesting I take a break because I'd been sat by desk for too long. I guess I spent a pretty long time working just because I'd set a date for the new blog layout and I'm trying to meet that deadline. Also I was working on the last post which had lots of photos and when I include photos in blogs, it takes me a longer time.