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On Birthdays: Turning 26, Cocktails and Orchids

I firmly believed 26 was the perfect age. I was so convinced, that I didn't want to get married till I was 26. Well well, guess whose husband could not wait a few months. OK, not really.  For several reasons we got married a few months shy of my 26th birthday. But I was really excited about this age - and I thought I was going to launch a blog on that day. So I wrote an actual blog post - which never saw the light of the day. But since there's actually a blog now, I thought I'll revisit that post and share the things I learnt on turning 26.

Small Successes; Big Celebrations

We are One!

If you're Nigerian, did you get tempted to break into that song that says 'We are one, we are the same, no matter where you come from we are one'. I mean that’s a good message behind that song, but that's not the point. 

The Blog is One! Can you believe it?  It feels so surreal. Not one year oh… One Month! *straight face*. I know I know, you've rolled your eyes.

Valentine Day Gifting: Tangible Items, Experiences or Money?

It's Valentine day, and my 'experience' today reminds me of one of first times this realisation hit me. I don't like cakes. No matter how sweet, sugary, scrumptious or spongy it looks. Nope. Not a fan. So I was a bit disappointed when by about 7pm on my 25th Birthday, all I had received from Tee was an amazingly decorated and lovely looking cake. Bleh! It was still a cake.