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9 People 1 Question: Kinky Hair Experts on Growing and Caring for Nappy Hair

If there's one thing that I absolutely wished to conquer this year, it was understanding and loving my natural hair (i.e my hair in the way it grows out of my scalp and without any chemicals or relaxers); and generally being more adventurous with my hair. I had transitioned for most of 2016; gradually cutting off the relaxed ends until it was fully natural. But I hadn't made an attempt to wear it out often or learn to style it, and it was mostly in protective styles. But seeing so many 4c hair enthusiasts proudly wear and style their hair made me itch to sort mine out. I love how all over the world, many more people are embracing this.  

But in the first few weeks of 2017, I broke my new hair resolution and went back to the arguably easier way of applying relaxers. But yet again, since January I haven't had any chemicals and so I'm eager to try again. What better way than to reach out to nine kinky hair experts for all the inspiration and tips? 

So whether you're already a natural hair expert; in the process of mastering your own hair, considering switching up; tempted to go back to relaxers or simply love a good story - you'd enjoy this piece. 

Some also shared really hilarious hair anecdotes and encounters and the one reason (or amount of money) they'd consider going back to relaxers! I gotta say we've got ourselves some pretty deep naturalistas.