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#30CountriesBefore30 - Kemi Onabanjo

It's interesting how many times, once you stumble into someone or something, you then begin to see them everywhere! 

I first heard Kemi when I watched the speech she gave as the valedictorian at the MBA class  of 2015, at INSEAD business school - arguably one of the word's best business schools. Few weeks later, I read her amazing story of visiting 30 countries before she turned 30! And then again, we found ourselves in a common WhatsApp group!  All of this has been such a round about way of knowing her, because we apparently worked in the same building when I was back in Lagos!

Many people have the 30by30 travel goal and I thought it'll be great to share a few people who have done this. Kicking off this one with Kemi, who works as a consultant in Lagos, and is obviously a travel enthusiast!