Two Instructors and a Dozen Red Roses || A Failed Driving Test Experience

Two Instructors and a Dozen Red Roses || A Failed Driving Test Experience

Even though I wore my most comfy converse shoes, I still failed my driving test yesterday. Which is sad, because I had a mock test the day before. I wore the same shoes and I passed. Maybe I should have worn the exact same outfit as well.

failed driving test

I really hoped I'd pass. So, obviously, I didn't think I'll be writing this post. On the other hand, I had toyed with the idea of a post when I passed. The highlight of the post would have been a picture of myself and my instructor - a 5ft3 grey haired man, with a slight limp who I'll miss when I eventually pass the test. 

I'm not even sure he knows my correct name. I think he calls me Katie. But I've never corrected him. He's like a Grandpa. It's okay. Grandpas are always right. Maybe my name should have been Katie?

Is it weird that I feel really happy when he says 'Oh, You're such a star' after a successful attempt at a manoeuvre (i.e. reverse park. I honestly do not get the reverse park logic). Or how I almost blushed when he said 'Clever bunny you are!' because I got all the answers right in the verbal vehicle safety questioning.

I almost feel like I've disappointed him. I know he had high hopes. You see, he wants to retire soon, and he has only about four students left who are yet to pass their tests. By failing, I've extended his retirement. He can't be happy. He said he wasn't disappointed. How can he not be? But maybe he wasn't. I mean our typical first conversation when we see, goes like this.

Me: Hi Steve, how are you today ?

Steve: I'm good. I'm always good. 

He's one of those people that's probably always good. Never complains. Never angry. Never shouts. Oh Steve is such a Star!

Compared to my previous instructor who terminated our contract by sending me a text because 'our personalities clash'. Geez! What happened, you wonder?

West Witch Instructor: Why can't you park this car straight?

Me: I don't know, I just can't. 

WWI: Well, if you don't know I can't help you. I just can't. 

And that was it.

My mom always told me I say 'I dont know' to everything. Honestly I'm often too lazy to think of a suitable response. I'd assumed everyone would be fine with it. Guess not. Lesson Learned. 

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about failure and pushing on. But we all theoretically know that, so I'm kind of glad, the post took a life of its own.

I'll take the test for the third time. Technically it's the second, because I missed my flight on the date of my first test (story for another day).  But it's the third, because this is the third time I'm paying £62!

I hope I'm Third Time Lucky!

Because I need that picture of Steve and I to make it to this blog.

Have you had any recent fails? Keep going! Third Time Lucky or Twentieth Time Lucky. Just keep going.

And as Steve is always good, Be Smart. Be like Steve. Be always good.


KacheeTee... Xx

pS: Tee knows I hate failing. So he brought me a dozen red roses at work to cheer me up. It's a big deal guys! Because he doesn't see the idea behind flowers and the only time I got flowers from him was our wedding!... So see, there's a silver lining behind every failure. 

ppS: I really need to get my license. To avoid the rant that happened here




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