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5 Things You Should Know: About Working with Brands as a Content Creator

In today’s world, content is king — and not just from an influencer or blogger point of view. The world literally revolves around content, whether it’s news agencies, brands, companies, or even the recent surge of masterclasses. If you can create and deliver content, you’re prime material.

And it is this need that makes excellent content creators highly sought after by brands and companies. These include PR, copy writers and graphics designers. But it’s one thing to create the content, and another to influence people to use or connect with your content.  So when you’re a content creator with the ability to influence your following,  you’re extra prime material.

Many bloggers by the sheer nature of what they do fit into this box. If you’re keen to receive a slice of the pie, you may have a few questions about how you can monetise your content and work with more brands. Well, good news. 

Two Years of Blogging + 25 Random Facts About Me

It's been two years of blogging. How has it all gone by so quickly? The past six months of the blog has definitely not been the most productive but my new life took some getting used to.

I'm hoping as the blog goes into it's third year it's growth all the way.

If you're on Instagram (my handle is @kacheetee) you probably noticed people sharing 5 random facts about themselves and tagging others to do so. When I got tagged, I was slightly hesistant but enjoyed it in the end. So I'm sharing a little more here, thus kicking off the third year of the blog!

4 Easy Ways to Consistently Generate Blog Post Ideas

One  very frequent challenge that many bloggers face is lack of consistency. And amidst other reasons, a lack of ideas or what to write about often leads to a lack of consistency.

I'll have to say that running out of blog post content is not a challenge I often encounter. The thought may have only crossed my mind when I newly started blogging and I was afraid that I'll run out of things to write.

On the contrary, I typically wonder if I'll be able and diligent enough to address and write about all of the topics in my head. I sometimes wish technology has got to the point where my thoughts and ideas can simply be extracted into a blog post without me having to put pen to paper or to raise my fingers in typing.

Happy New Year 2018 (and 11 Popular Posts of 2017!)

It's already over one week into 2018, but I'm still going to say "Happy New Year"!

I hope you had a great holiday and kicking off the new year with joy! I love the smell of possibility, enthusiasm and excitement a new year brings and totally hoping this year 2018 is our best one yet, and all our hopes and dreams come to pass!

So how was 2017? Out of 52 weeks in the year, I was pregnant for 40! So only 12 weeks of not being pregnant. Obviously having our little boy was the best part of the year and we're so thankful for that.

In 2017, we moved into our first home and I qualified as a Solicitor in the UK. Those were definitely the highlights of the year. More leisure related, was the travel experience to 2 new countries - South Africa (which I loved!) and the USA. And well, a tiny goal - but it was listed in my 2017 goals, so it's worth saying that I visited the dentist!

What didn't happen in 2017?

Top 4 Common Blogging Challenges and How to Overcome Them!

I had to look through my older posts to be sure that I had not written this particular post before. It's just one which has been on my mind for such a long time and I'm surprised I'm only just getting to it. I'll skip the usual blogging is tough and challenging. Anyone who has attempted to run a blog doesn't need a soothsayer to figure that out. But what exactly are the challenges? And how can we get around them? How do some bloggers seemingly make it look do-able and effortless. 

On one of the blogging Instagram pages I follow, the question came up recently and bloggers were asked to list their major challenges. And pretty much everyone had the same top 3-4 challenges. Unfortunately the group did not go on to proffer any solutions to this, and looking at the responses, I thought to myself in that moment that I should do a post on this. Not because I have all of the answers, but because I have some answers and tips. The one challenge I possibly had no response to was those who claimed a lack of photography / video equipment was a hindrance. Short of providing money for them to purchase those and giving the cliché 'start where you are; use what you have response', I'm not sure what else I could have done.

But in relation to these other top 4 blogging challenges, I've got a few answers. 

Blogger? 4 Helpful Ways to Gain Followers, Build a Community and Increase Blog Traffic

Every time someone asks me about my blog, I'm quick to explain how much I just really love writing, sharing information and building a community. When they begin to ask about the technical bits of blogging, my mood change becomes almost visible. And that's because I quite dislike  the latter. I really look forward to days when all I have to do is write, while other people worry about technicalities. From editing, to photograph sourcing, to SEO & plugins, design and functionality of the blog etc. Oh and of course, the toughest of them all - growing your blog and building an audience.

I recently unsubscribed to a couple of email lists that constantly claim to have the tips on growing your blog - multiplying your email list from 1 to 1000 in a week, building your Pinterest and using that platform to grow your blog, offering services, freebies & products to incentivise people. While it's all good advice - and absolutely a great way to build your following, it's really not up my alley. And for many bloggers who just start up and are looking to gain some following, it's unlikely to work for them as well. 

When Blogging Gets Boring - 5 Great Ways to Spice it Up & Find Love Again!

There's something so beautiful about creating. And a lot of bloggers will testify. That moment when you finally launch your blog. It's like having a baby I hear, or being on a roller coaster - a mix of excitement & fear. And an anticipation for all of the world to see and love this your creation. I remember starting my blog & all the gush of enthusiasm (and fear) that followed. I was over the moon.

But then I think a comment sort of brought me back to earth. To paraphrase, it was something along the lines of "aww I can relate to the joy and excitement every new blogger has for their blog". Basically it insinuated that after a few months, that joy was set to fade or at least dwindle. Was she wrong? Not really. With time, the ugly bits of blogging begun to rear its head - competition and thoughts of the future, promotion, blog design, time, generating content, lack of engagement and generally feeling uninspired.

I'm Back! (and answering 20 Fun 'Get to Know Me' Tag Questions!)

Hi Hi!Guess who's back? Kachee's back. Tell your friends, Kachee's back!
Excuse me being overly dramatic! I feel like I owe you guys a hi5 or group hug and loads of apologies for simply taking off without any warning.

It totally wasn't planned. But, my schedule got super full - with work, a some what house move (which meant my iMac got packed up!), and last minute travel plans as well. With all these important stuff, the blog sadly took the hit! So bad, that I barely actually logged on to the site in all of two weeks.

And yes, it's been only two weeks but it sure feels like ages!

I considered posting on a particular topic as usual, but I thought that'll be unfair. Especially as a number of people sent me messages wondering where I was! Special hugs for you all.

I stumbled on a blogger fun tag recently and I thought I could answer a few of the questions as a way to announce my return!

5 Really Quick Ways to Improve Your Blog (in less than one minute!)

There's so much blogging advice on the web! If you did a search you'd be overwhelmed. Everyone's preaching how to grow your blog and get more traffic. Many of these I read, and then with eyes rolled (in my mind because I can't really roll them in person) wonder why I spent that precious time. Some others however I read, and thank the internet gods for directing me to that link - as I hurriedly run to make changes on my blog or jot down the notes for later.

For me mostly, these changes I try to implement - not because I think they were quick fixes to gaining a million readers but because for my existing readers, I'm trying to make it the most comfortable experience - and for the ones that are likely to stumble on my blog - simply hoping that they love it enough to look around and stay!

So I'm going to share with you today, some little and very quick fixes that can improve your blog. I'm hoping that after this you'd run and make the the necessary changes! Or if you're not guilty, you'll pay it forward and share it with someone you know!

Enough preamble, let's get to the juicy bits.

6 Common Blogging Myths & Misconceptions (+ the Truths About Them!)

I think I've made quite some good decisions in my life, and so it's rather interesting that one year later, choosing to start a blog is up there as well. I was so scared to start, so scared to let people into bits and pieces of my life. But on 10th February 2016, which happened to be Ash Wednesday, I thought "what purpose is there to life if we don't try, step out of our comfort zones and inspire others".

So I paid for the domain name, and shared my first post on Facebook. The response was pretty encouraging. And well, since then I haven't stooped. I've published roughly 130 blog posts and just passed 150,000 views. I've met incredibly amazing people. I've grown. I've become better. I've worked with a couple of brands and I've actually made money from my blog via sponsorship (little, but hey, humble beginnings).

I'll love to write about how blogging has changed me, but I'll save that for another day. Today, let's discuss the myths associated with blogging. Because there are quite a few. I was in a meeting recently with a couple of lawyers. And at the end of it, the conversation tilted to what we like to do outside of work.