10 Bookstagram Mums to Follow for Some Serious Inspiration

10 Bookstagram Mums to Follow for Some Serious Inspiration

Are you on #Bookstagram? If you’re unsure what the term means, then you’re probably yet to step into the world of books on Instagram. Bookstagram is Instagram’s book community teeming with #shelfies, #bookaddicts, and fans of #amreading (that is, reading in the AM). Also on Bookstagram, however, are another group of favourites--mums!

In this post, I’m shining a spotlight on some of my favourite mamas on Instagram. These women somehow manage to runs homes, care for their kids, read A LOT, and then do us the favour of sharing their reading lives (and sometimes those of their kids too!).

Here are ten of my favourite Bookstagram mums.

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1. Charnaie of @Hereweeread

Charnaie is a “diversity and inclusion expert” focused on getting books into the hands of as many kids as she can. By day, she’s a computer programmer, and by night, she blogs at hereweeread.com. I love the sheer volume of options available on her feed and I can honestly credit her as one of the bookstagrammers who got me interested in kidlit. If you’re ever looking for books (especially by Black authors and with Black characters) to read to your kids, Hereweeread is your one-stop shop.

2. Kate of @Kate.Olson.Reads

Kate is a prolific reader who covers just about every genre possible. As a school librarian, it’s kind of her job to read and one visit to her page will confirm that she’s pretty good at her job! For fiction, non-fiction, ROMANCE, and children’s literature recommendations, pop over to Kate’s page. She’s also constantly starting conversations about everything from self-care to problematic issues in literature.

3. Jeanell of @jeanellnicolereads

This teacher and mama of four doesn’t let anything get in the way of her reading. Jeannell reads a healthy mix of adult and children’s literature--you’ll catch her reading a ton of books by Black authors too! I really enjoy her stories--unfiltered clips of life as a mum who loves reading. She’s also teaching her kids by example and you’ll catch them now and again reading on her feed. On of my favourite things about Jeanell is that she’s always down to buddy read (reading a book together with a virtual friend).

4. Abena of @bookwormingh

Abena is a Ghanaian writer and Ph.D student. On top of that, she runs a BookTube channel (yes, there’s BookTube too), recently started an online book store, and has a little girl. Abena reads widely--from African lit to fantasy to young adult literature! Her page is a treasure trove of books for anyone trying to decide what to read next. If you’re on the hunt for children’s books, Abena also occasionally shares recommendations.

5. Janssen of @everydayreading

Janssen runs the massively popular lifestyle blog (centered around reading), Everyday Reading. She shares adult, children’s and audio book recommendations, as well as advice for raising readers on her website. Especially if you have school-aged children, you should be following Janssen for recommendations!

6. Tope of @eclectictope

Tope is a Nigerian writer and editor who shares her book stacks with the world on Instagram. As a mother, she also shares some children’s literature—both by Africans and otherwise on her page. Tope also runs a book club over for kids aged 3-6

7. Caroline of @readtotheend

I started following Caroline because I just loved watching her kids review their favourite books! I’m such a huge fan of parents who help their kids develop a love of reading. Caroline is a Korean-American who reads mostly Asian literature, but also shares what her kids are reading on her feed and in her Instagram Stories.

8. Laura of @librarianmsg

Laura is my middle-grade book plug! She’s ALWAYS reading and never fails to share her favourites. Whenever I can’t decide what to read next, a quick scroll through her feed leaves me with more than enough choices. She also reads adult fiction and non-fiction and always shares her audiobook picks! If you have a kid aged 8-12 and you’re looking for excellent middle-grade fiction, here’s where to go!

9. Akossiwa Ketoglo of @akosset

Akossiwa is a Togolese bookstagrammer and kidlit reviewer. She also has a BookTube channel and loves to share her favourite movies on her feed too! Check out Akossiwa’s page for diverse picture book, chapter book, and middle-grade recommendations.

10. Beth Ann of Bookworm Baggins 

Beth Ann is a homeschool mum to five adorable kids who are also readers! While she reads a ton of picture books and middle-grade picks, you’ll also catch her reading lots of books for adults. Her kids also pop in on her stories to share their reviews--it’s the cutest!

Those are only ten of my current favourite mums to follow on Instagram. They share a balance of books, mum life, and real personality on their pages, and are always open to engage and answer your questions. Feel free to head over to their pages and start bookmarking recommendations!


Who are your favourite bookstagrammers to follow? What do you love about their pages? I’d love to know!

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