Curious about Menstrual Cups? Here's Why I Love Them and How I Use Mine

So, my post on reusable menstrual products got a lot of mixed reviews!

But in particular, there was a lot of interest in menstrual cups and how it works. Since of all of the ones I tried, the cup is my absolute favourite, I thought I’d delve into a bit more sharing why I love and how my use OrganiCup menstrual cup.

My OrganiCup menstrual cup is a small flexible cup made from soft allergy-friendly medical grade silicon. It is folded and worn internally just below your cervix where it catches the menstrual fluids. When it’s full, it’s emptied, rinsed and reinserted.

Pretty simple and straight forward yes? Let’s keep going.

Exploring Lebanese Cuisine in Lagos: My Time at Salma's

After an intense low carb week recently, I looked forward to the weekend as my cheat day was fast approaching. I’m sure you all have figured out that I really love food. Since I came across Salma’s Instagram page I was excited to visit and I informed my food buddy that we had to go. More so, I really love Lebanese food and I got super excited to check it out.

Salma’s is quite easy to locate. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of an apartment building and there’s a little coffee shop tucked at the side. There is a swimming pool behind the restaurant and also a view of the Lagos Lagoon. The ambience is everything . The restaurant is well lit and spacious. The gold lanterns gave an Arabian vibe that reminded me of my time in Morocco.

For the first time in a while, I entered a restaurant in Nigeria and fell in love. 

Too Cool for Non-Fiction books? - These 6 Categories are for Every Reader!

Do you read non-fiction? If you had to choose between reading fiction or non-fiction only, for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Honestly, I’d probably choose fiction. Lately, though, I’ve read a few engrossing non-fiction reads. So, at least now I understand the hype of good non-fiction.

If you’re not a massive non-fiction buff, you might find that you prefer a certain type of this genre. I’m the same way. I particularly hate those overly-inspirational self-help books with cliche buzzwords on every page.

However, I enjoy memoirs and self-help with personal stories sprinkled throughout. So, basically, you’ll catch me where the stories are. Thankfully, there are all kinds of non-fiction for all kinds of people.

I’m sharing six of my favorite categories, with a few examples to help you choose your next non-fiction read, no matter what kind of reader you may be.

The Return to Work after Maternity Leave: 8 Tips to Make it Easier & Make You Excel

Speaking from personal experience and that of those around me, it’s safe to say that many career-focused or career-inclined women often have a lingering doubt about how having kids would affect their career; and it is not an insensitive concern to be treated lightly. Having children does take a huge toll on you - physically and mentally. Ridiculously enough, many organizations have failed to create an atmosphere where mothers feel like they can thrive.

Women are often seen to be less competent once matters relating to a child come up. As a simple example: if a man requests to work remotely because he is having improvements done in his home, he is not judged in any negative way but if a woman requests to work from home due to a child care emergency, she could be slightly perceived, albeit unconsciously as not being very organized.

There are lots of improvements that organizations have to do to be truly inclusive, and ensure that women and mothers feel more included and valued. But that’s a whole different kettle of fish for another day. Today, let us focus on how best woman can return to work strong after maternity leave.

Six Tips To Enjoy "Reading" Audio Books

Do you wonder how people actually experience books on audio? Do they actually understand everything? Is it enjoyable to “read” a book without actually seeing the words? Does that even count as reading?

I'm here to help you answer all those questions and more. I hope that by the end of this post, you'll at least be willing to try out ONE audiobook. Audiobooks are truly a wonderful addition to the world of reading because life gets so busy and humans get tired. On days when I'm too tired to read, but still want a story, audiobooks are my perfect companion. Depending on my choice, I could be listening to a person's memoir, laughing aloud to a ridiculous children's book or shaking my head at character's bad decisions while making dinner.

There are some things though that will improve your audiobook experience and help you add more reading to your busy schedule.

Here are six things to know about using audiobooks:

Post Baby Body? Post Baby Sex? 7 New Mums Share Their True Feelings

Don’t quote me on these percentages, but could we possibly estimate that 8 out of 10 women aren’t huge fans of their post baby body? And although it’s termed “post-baby”, those issues perhaps begin to manifest during pregnancy: weight gain, stretch marks, skin colorations, swellings and so much more. It’s not all gloom though. Some people are excited about the weight, and of course many love the pregnancy glow!

As a first time mum the not-so-pretty aspects and body changes can be a bit upsetting, but many times it’s pushed to back because of the anticipation of the baby! So when the baby arrives and many months later the body hasn’t “snapped back” to its previous form - the emotions begin to come to the fore and a new mum’s perception of her body could possibly affect intimate relationships with her partner.

In this post, seven first time mums share how they felt about their post baby body, how this affected intimacy and their choice of post-baby contraceptives!

30 Countries Before 30: Femi Luwa

Like many of my friends who have turned 30 this year, I turn 30 in a few weeks. But unlike my high school classmate Femi, who successfully snagged in her 30th country before the 30th year bell went up (and currently has 37 under her belt), my country count is just about a third of my age.

In March 2016 Femi whose very fitting nickname is “Aunty Fun Times” took her first ever girls’ trip to Thailand. It was an exhilarating ten days of excessive island hopping, curry eating, mai tai sipping, full moon partying, beach side massages and endless exploring.

5 months later in August 2016, she packed her bags (7 suitcases if we’re being precise) and moved to Europe. In the two years she’s lived there she’s visited over 20 new countries.

In this feature she answers a ton of our questions. From feminine matters about being comfortable in bikinis, her secret to that glow on holiday, dealing with cramps on travels to general travel tips, solo travel and travel blogging. I also couldn’t help but ask what happens if she ends up with a non-travel loving partner! See what she says!

How I'm a Foodie but Maintain my Weight (after losing 25kg!)

Just in case you’re in doubt, I’d start by establishing my love for food and my sweet tooth. Writing this alone makes me lick my lips thinking of a cheesy meaty lasagna with a vanilla milkshake.

But today, I’m going to share the flip side of my love for food. This food lover is also a mini fitness freak and healthy eating junkie and advocate.

In 2016, I decided to change my lifestyle and go on a life changing journey. I lost about 25kg /5- 6 dress sizes in the process and I’ve managed to keep it off two years down.

The Best Fashion Advice I Ever Received

I started my fashion journey quite early in life.

I was told that in elementary school, I came home with a report card that read "She takes pride in her personal appearance". My mum took that as a sign of my upcoming good fashion sense. Little did she know that about 15 years later, she'd be nagging about how I dress in a unconventional albeit stylish manner.

I went through a tomboy phase in which I honestly couldn't be bothered but my interest sparked when I started to see style as an art form. It started with fashion illustrations, progressed to fashion magazines, then blogs. Today, I honestly don't keep up with any trends. Not only because it's quite difficult (can anyone else relate?), but also because I don't feel the need to. My style is mine.

The Easiest Puff Pastry Sausage Roll (+ 5 Favourite Breakfast Pantry Items)

It happened so fast - my maternity leave is over but it’s been an exciting 4 months, bonding with my little one. Now that I reflect, the last few months have been exciting. In addition to the midnight feeds and hundreds of diaper change, I have fueled my passion for cooking and food so much compared to my maternity leave for my first baby which I basically used it to complete my thesis for my MSC Finance Program.

This time around, I have increased my scanty herb garden - good old fennel and dill joined the herb stand. I also started growing more vegetables aside from tomatoes - introduced Cauliflower, Lettuce - purple and green, Cabbage and Green Peppers. Honestly growing your food is so therapeutic it deserves a separate blog post! As regards to cooking I learnt many more technics. I decided to engage chefs I knew were the best in the field in the country to guide me through and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.