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Our Hilarious Travel Mishaps & Mistakes (+ tips on avoiding these!)

I've been itching to go some place new. On holiday or a staycation. Actually I think I've just been itching to spend some time at the beach. This itch led to me looking at a few of our past travel photos and invariably this post of past memories and travel mishaps.

Tee and I had our very first air plane trip and international travel in 2013. I was studying at Cambridge for my LL.M and he had just completed his MSc. Seeing as I was in the UK, and had obtained a Shengen visa, we decided to explore nearby European cities - Paris & Amsterdam - on a budget. Between then and now, we've been to 10 countries. And honestly, there's a bit of a travel mishap story related to most of these trips. We've almost become a topic of conversation amongst our friends. They never fail to bring these hilarious tales up, and every time one or both of us travel they ask for 'what really happened this time?'

I'm pretty sure we aren't the only ones that these happen to. Travel and holiday photos often seem so cool, but then sometimes so many hurdles and annoying experiences happen in the process of arriving or leaving your destination.

96 Hours in Cape Town & Jo'Burg (+ a beautiful wedding)

Since we got back from our very short holiday to South Africa in April, Tee has been quick to tell everyone that CapeTown is the most beautiful city he has ever visited. Every time he says it, I wonder if we were on the same holiday. Did I miss something?

No don't get me wrong. It wasn't like it wasn't beautiful. It was and I absolutely loved it! But I just keep wondering if he saw more than I did - considering we were in CapeTown for just about 2 days, and in South Africa for a little over 96 hours. I didn't even get a chance to see anything Nelson Mandela related. Well apart from the statute of him at the Nelson Mandela Square in Jo'Burg where we had dinner on the night we arrived.

Considering how long we flew to get there, I feel like we should totally have spent at least 7 days. But due to work commitment, I couldn't take any more time off. 

So I obviously have to go back. So I can take it all in!

9 People 1 Question - Female Travel Enthusiasts on Why They Travel, Must-See Destinations & Dream Passports!

I think one of the most hilarious hashtags I've ever stumbled upon is #BlackGirlsTravelToo. I almost feel like whoever initiated the hashtag got fed of people thinking black girls had no quest for adventure, didn't travel and perhaps didn't travel alone!

Judging from today's post, that couldn't be farther from the truth. My husband thinks travel has become my favourite past time and dare I say myself that I might have become slightly obsessed about it? But thanks to these amazing nine, and many more, I don't have to get on a plane or on the road all the time by myself to feed my obsession. I live and learn vicariously through them. Sometimes I might go a little green eyed with envy, but hey who wouldn't?

These amazing nine female travellers, share their experiences with us. I absolutely love it and feel like everyone should read it (that's your cue to share with your friends!) They talk about their first travels, why they travel, and must see destinations. And cheeky me, had to ask what passport they'd swap their current ones for in a heartbeat!

An Unforgettable Travel Experience in India (+an Indian Wedding!) - Tofunmi Olabenjo

First things first, look out for the reflection of the building in Tofunmi's sunglasses. That's not just an ordinary building, but the Taj Mahal in India - one of seven new wonders of the world! And so much goes into getting a photo like that - timing, location and direction of the sun!

Okay, now that's out of the way, let's have a proper introduction. I was looking through Instagram story when I saw Tofunmi's story and the location said 'Bangalore Airport India'! My first thoughts were 'what's she doing in India?'. I just hadn't pegged it to be one the places she'd jet off to. So when she confirmed that she was really on there on holiday and to attend her friend's wedding, I knew I had to hear the details of her experience! 

Because I'm not selfish, I chose to share with you & we can all feed our inner wander lust (well, at least vicariously). I don't think such experiences can really be explained. But Tofunmi did such a great job on the piece, that by the end of it, India should be on your travel list

30 countries Before 30 - Ruchika Patel's Exciting Experience!

I remember being at lunch with a few of my colleagues and one of them who happened to be scrolling through Instagram blurted something along the lines of "Ruchika's always traveling! Her Instagram is full of travel photos - doesn't she get the same holiday allowance as we do?". Well I couldn't blame him. Ruchika did seem to get extra holidays than every other person. Everytime I ran into her in the elevator, she had either just got back from a trip or was jetting off to one.

In fact one of our very first conversations was travel related - as she shared how she'd taken a six month gap period to travel before starting her role as a lawyer!

After I interviewed Kemi on her 30 countries before 30 experience, I got curious as to other people who may have achieved same. My mind instantly went to Ruchika, and her confident reply was "I'm pretty sure I should have hit the 30 mark"

No brainer, she has! I absolutely loved hearing her experiences. From the worst place she's spent the night to the one time law enforcement agents thought she had drugs in her possession; the one city she'll love to get married and why we need to travel more, I'm pretty sure you'll love this one.


Birthday Getaway: Dubai & Abu-Dhabi

It's been over two months (birthday was November!) but I'm finally getting around to this. I think it's because I was wishing for a holiday this past weekend, and naturally looked through these photos. 

This wasn't exactly a planned holiday, but when our initial trip to Dubai didn't happen, in April, we considered moving our tickets. Since we had a birthday getaway in November 2015 - to Spain & Portugal, we thought maybe a birthday getaway could become one of our yearly couple traditions so we managed to move the tickets.

We flew from Heathrow, and I was pretty excited because I'd heard lots of good stuff about the Emirates A380, which is a double decker plane. If you've also seen the ad with Jennifer Aniston, you'll agree it's quite something - with the business class section on the top level with an entire bar. Thanks to air miles, we bumped up our tickets to business class - and if nothing else, the ease of the process would make me pay for it if I had the money!

#30CountriesBefore30 - Kemi Onabanjo

It's interesting how many times, once you stumble into someone or something, you then begin to see them everywhere! 

I first heard Kemi when I watched the speech she gave as the valedictorian at the MBA class  of 2015, at INSEAD business school - arguably one of the word's best business schools. Few weeks later, I read her amazing story of visiting 30 countries before she turned 30! And then again, we found ourselves in a common WhatsApp group!  All of this has been such a round about way of knowing her, because we apparently worked in the same building when I was back in Lagos!

Many people have the 30by30 travel goal and I thought it'll be great to share a few people who have done this. Kicking off this one with Kemi, who works as a consultant in Lagos, and is obviously a travel enthusiast! 


WorkCation - Seven (7) Fun Days in Malaysia

Isn't it interesting how in recent times, we have all these word alternatives to a vacation? There's the Baecation, DayCation, StayCation and WorkCation! 

Anyway, someone is away for work again - and if you're a regular you know that a couple of posts have been inspired by his work trips. First was this post on making the most of being single. The next time, I shared tips on succeeding in long distance relationships. This third time, it's nothing deep.  I'm just wishing I tagged along on the trip!