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Six Tips To Enjoy "Reading" Audio Books

Do you wonder how people actually experience books on audio? Do they actually understand everything? Is it enjoyable to “read” a book without actually seeing the words? Does that even count as reading?

I'm here to help you answer all those questions and more. I hope that by the end of this post, you'll at least be willing to try out ONE audiobook. Audiobooks are truly a wonderful addition to the world of reading because life gets so busy and humans get tired. On days when I'm too tired to read, but still want a story, audiobooks are my perfect companion. Depending on my choice, I could be listening to a person's memoir, laughing aloud to a ridiculous children's book or shaking my head at character's bad decisions while making dinner.

There are some things though that will improve your audiobook experience and help you add more reading to your busy schedule.

Here are six things to know about using audiobooks:

How To Get The Best Deals for Your Family Photoshoot Sessions

Now that back to school season is over, I’m sure that many of us are already thinking about the fast approaching holiday season and all the expenses that go with it. We’re also probably hoping to squeeze in a family photoshoot.

As a photographer and frugal mama, I thought this would be a great time to share my six top tips for getting the best photography deals for your upcoming milestones and events.

So here we go!

No More Cranky Mornings: Five Tips For a Better Night Sleep

I’m sorta doing cartwheels right now, because this post is sponsored by Leesa Mattress, which we three have been using for the past month and absolutely loving it. I say “three” because yes indeed we’ve been co-sleeping with our son. It seemed unfair to have this new amazing mattress to ourselves so we let him join us! Okay I kid. Truth is since he outgrew his bedside crib I mentioned in this post, we hadn’t got around to setting up his cot and we welcomed him into the big people bed. But at the time of typing this post, his cot is being set up! I know he’d miss us and our new mattress, because honestly even he obviously slept better the first night we had it - not a wink or his usual attempt to move his hand around and search for me in the middle of the night!

Anyway, let’s leave out co-sleeping situation and actually get to how we, i.e. adults can improve our night sleep. I think two major life experiences have had an impact on my night sleep pattern.

I Attempted to Go Viral on Instagram: 4 Important Life Lessons I Learned

A few months ago, a blogger created some Instagram story templates that allowed people fill in and share certain information. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you're either relatively new to Instagram story or you don't use the feature very much. But, it was a very chilled way to share information about yourself. Seeing as most of the templates were related to personal matters, I decided to create a few related to blogging. 

This process took me about three hours as I struggled with Canva to design the templates. And guess what? I was doing this at about 3 am in the morning - when I ought to have been sleeping soundly after a full day of being with baby! It reminded me of the one time, I spent pretty much close to 24 hours creating and editing a 60 seconds video about my best moments of the past year, in order to enter a competition to win a phone - that I didn't even need.

6 Steps to Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

If you’ve been following for a bit, you’d know I’ve been going on about creating a wall gallery, including some posters and photos. Well well, after what seemed like forever, guess who has finally done that? I can’t take all the glory though – so many thanks to Desenio who offer a wide range of amazing posters and prints - first of all for making it happen, providing an incentive and also sponsoring this blog post as I spill to you what you need to do to create a photo gallery wall. Trust me, it’s sometimes harder than it looks.

First off, why am I such a stan for gallery walks? Because bare walls do not feel cozy and definitely do not feel like home. They feel precisely bare. It’s a fab opportunity to let your personality shine through frames, posters and wall art, illustrations etc. It’s often aesthetically pleasing as well and often a great backdrop for photos. A well-done gallery is always to be appreciated and makes the wall come alive.  Now that we’re in agreement that everyone needs a gallery wall, let’s get into the how!

5 Favourite Online Sources For More Books on a Budget!

For book lovers, I'm not sure anything is more precious than reading and owning books. We just love it! But our bank accounts? Not so much. Some people swear by libraries to read more books, but then you don't own it do you? There are those who like to own books. Personally, when I’m moved by a book, the thought of having to return it brings me to tears.

I need to have it with me, even though I may never re-read it. So, how can you build a personal library without breaking the bank? Budget-friendly booksellers are invaluable, especially when you live in countries where additional shipping fees can be hefty.

I'll be sharing a few online resources that are absolute gems, but first, let's get out of the way an actual physical gem that's present almost everywhere.

Switch to Re-useable Menstrual Products? - 7 Different Types to Try

When I first heard of Reusable Menstrual Products, commonly known as RUMPs, one of the first things that sprung to mind was stories of women from older generations using pieces of cloth for their periods during their monthly menstrual cycle.

And so I thought, why in the world of disposable convenience would anyone choose anything that they would have to wash and use again? Surely that was going backward? However, the thrifty, wannabe environmentally conscious, minimalist in me took over and I quickly concluded that it might not be such a bad idea after all.

So why choose RUMPs?

My Fathers Day Ode

Growing up in my house, it would have been difficult to not love food. My father is the ultimate food lover and I have lots of food memories while under his roof. Some interesting, some fun, and some well, downright not-to-be-encouraged.

It often seemed like family time and conversations for all 7 of us centred around breakfast, lunch or dinner. He was happiest after a well prepared tasty meal and at that point, he would dig deep into his bag of anecdotes and jokes finding the ones most suitable to complement and relish in the atmosphere of the well-eaten meal as we await or prepared the next one. 

For someone who loves food so much, it’s amazing how the kitchen was mostly foreign territory to him; I cannot remember a food shopping experience either. Perhaps like many others, he believed in the greatly flawed narrative of (married) men and the cooking not being buddies.

Oh, he but did cook eggs - that was his thing. Weekend breakfast was epic. He’d call it “continental breakfast” with an omelette, sausages and baked beans.

10 Sisters, Same Parents: On the Best and Least Fave Part of their Sisterhood

When I first met #9 Feyi, as we lawyered about and worked on a project a few years ago, I thought she had great genes - didn't look a day older than 16. And then I'm not sure which came first, seeing photos of her mum and noticing how strong and lovely she looked or the realisation that Feyi was number 9 of 10 sisters. Of the same parents. A family of 10 girls. My curiosity spiked from then. And although this was a few years before I had even considered blogging, I already  thought it would be super cool, to interview them, sit amongst them and seeing how they got along and perhaps hearing about their childhood and growng up years. What could it be like to have nine sisters?

And then through number 9, I met number 10 Bamike. Imagine having nine older sisters. That must be bliss. 

I love following them on social media and the way they refer to themselves using their numbers. It helps the rest of us know who is who. They also frequently use the hashtag #FrancisAngels

Fathers, Daughters and Food: 7 Women on Their Favourite Food Memories

When fathers and daughters have really close bonds - it’s beautiful to see. But even in the absence of such perfect relationships, a few memories pop up with fondness.

As a self proclaimed foodie, it may interest you to know that I strongly suspect this trait is courtesy of my dad - he loves his food.  No surprises therefore that I have a number of food filled memories with or relating to him. That would be a post of its own.

But for Father’s day today, I asked women to share memories, anecdotes, stories of their fathers and food. Read on as 7 women share happily: from cooking to eating habits, experiences, lessons and love - and don't forget to share yours too in the comments.