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Everyday Life Lessons: From Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Mary is one of those bible characters that we really didn't hear much of.  Sure, growing up almost every Christian child gets introduced to Mary via the nativity story. It's always hilarious seeing little kids dress up as Mary and Joseph and replay the scene of the nativity - the appearance of the angel, going up to Bethlehem for the census and eventually giving birth to Jesus in the inn.

But many times as we grow older, the role & character of Mary somehow just seeps away.  But  I often think of how technically the entire Christianity rested on her - this teenage girl who was probably excited about getting married and living a normal life - now forced to make huge life changing decisions. 

In looking at her rather few appearances in the bible, there's so many lessons to be drawn from it and I think it'll be great to examine what we can pick up.

15 Uplifting Bible Verses on the Power & Strength of God's Arm/Hand

I'm usually not one to jump on a bandwagon train. Not the best trait, but many times I'm overly cynical and analytical. But sometimes, bandwagon is great. And this post stems from one of such times. Except you're largely out of touch with Social Media, or perhaps not affiliated to Nigeria in any way, only then could you have missed the #HallejujahChallenge going on social media. 

Essentially, it's a live interdenominational Christian praise & worship session being held via Instagram & Facebook at 12 midnight daily for the month of June. Praise is one thing I love. I may not be able to pray for hours non-stop, but I can sing praises and hymns for hours. It lifts me out of a bad mood. The lyrics of hymns and worship songs make me feel so close to God. So I happily joined this session!

Incidentally, it was on the first night I tuned in, was the word "Olowogbogoro" as a name for God came up. It's a Yoruba phrase (and one that could be tongue twisting). But it has a great meaning

Never Too Young or Too Small: Lessons from 8 Favourite Biblical Characters!

I intended to write this post a few weeks back, but never got around to it. But I had to finally pick up my pen (okay really the notes app on my phone) when someone I follow on Instagram celebrated her birthday recently! For some reason I was expecting her to be in her mid 30s. And then I see 29! I'm thinking "Hold on.... how has she achieved so much already!" Career wise and family wise!

I know they say age is nothing but a number, but I genuinely feel too young most of the time! It doesn't help that I'm kinda smallish and hardly wear any makeup. So although I'm 28, I often see myself as being younger - as therefore procrastinate doing or saying a few things because I think I'm too young (or look too young compared to many others) and wouldn't attract the necessary response. To be honest, I feel like once I turn 30 - I'll suddenly have so much strength and drive. 

Red lipstick and a 4 inch pretty shoe works for me like magic, and surely makes me feel older. 

Everyday Life Lessons: From the Book of Ruth

I feel like there are a few stories in the bible that we know of, because we've heard references to it over and over again, even though we may not personally have read the entire book in detail. 

For me the book of Ruth was one of those. I often heard of the friendship between Ruth and Naomi, and of course people constantly make reference to getting a good husband like Boaz!  

So I decided to find out the exact facts for myself and read the entire book of Ruth, which I now absolutely love and just had to share!

 First off, am I the only one who still doesn't know the order of the biblical books. I still always have to use the table of contents.

Countdown to Christmas: 24 Do-able Activities for Your Advent Calendar!

Whether you technically celebrate this time of the year or not, you have to admit there's something so awesome about this period.

Depending on your age and location, I'll bet your thankful for this season. From the thrill of fireworks to a yearning for white Christmas, singing out loud to your favourite carols, eating way too much food and relishing the taste of mulled wines. Or maybe you'll have some fun with younger kids finding Santa. Even if you will just be curled up in bed thankful for work free days, there's often something for everyone

A Little Note on Prayer (+ the J.O.Y model of Praying)

So I took a taxi to church today and as I always do everytime I have to take a taxi, I simply tell the driver "I'm going to the Church at X, it's by the Total filling Station at the roundabout". I have to idea why I always expect them to know it, because they often don't.  And I say to myself ''You really should just give them the name of the street and the postcode." Anyway, we finally figure it out and half way through the 12 minute journey the taxi driver said "So are you going to church to pray or to work". I'll admit I was a bit baffled as to what the second option was. To work?

We Interview: The Beautified Woman, Funto Ibuoye

Interestingly, I first heard of Funto's husband GaiseBaba, before Funto. This was in 2014 as I stumbled on their online wedding feature where he spoke about deciding to wait until marriage before having sex. Thanks to Instagram of course, I discovered Funto Ibuoye - an inspiring young lady. At only 26, she's authored two books and is the founder of The Beautified Network which hosts the Becoming conference for young women. Asides all the important stuff, I like Funto because like me, she prefers glasses to contacts. Enjoy!

A Conversation with the Proverbs 31 Woman

Some days, I feel like a superwoman. Other days I have no interest in 'adulting'. But in recent times, I've been thinking about the Proverbs 31 woman - the one who is more precious than rubies. So, on this chilled Friday evening, I decided to have a conversation with her and compare myself to her! Ambitious right? Well maybe she'll give me the much needed inspiration I need on those days all I want to do is sleep!

On Judging: The Man I judged and the Woman who Judged Me

From the moment he uttered the first shout of the F word, I'd already judged him.  

In fact, I probably judged him before then. He was tall, well built and dark skinned - but with dread locks. He wore a face cap and sagged his jeans. And he was speaking on the phone. Rather gruffly. And he was sweating. I silently wished he wouldn't sit beside me. After a long day at work, I needed a comfortable 30 minute journey home. He didn't - he sat opposite, but facing me.