3 Important Details in Creating Beautiful Wedding Memories (Lessons from Our Wedding)

3 Important Details in Creating Beautiful Wedding Memories (Lessons from Our Wedding)

We recently watched our wedding video - on a cool Saturday evening. If I'm being honest, my husband had to cajole me to watch it, as I wasn't quite keen. I had an awesome wedding, and I was pretty happy with the way the day turned out. But I'd watched it before and apart from the fact that it's kind of funny watching yourself on video, some parts of the video were kind of uncomfortable to watch. Although I didn’t really mind watching my husband tear up while saying his vows. Woohoo! 

I guess different people will have different things that they consider important on the day of a wedding that'll create such memories. For my younger brother, it was making sure that he had saved enough money to buy champagne, he could freely pop. I was so happy the photographer got a perfect shot of this. (See photo here). 

The different kinds of dancers at the wedding will obviously hope for different things -  For the party shakers, an awesome DJ or band is key, while the networkers simply look forward to a sensible crowd to mingle with.  Oh and of course, most of the guests hope for good food and most importantly - Nigerian style small chops, at a Nigerian wedding. 

But I've digressed too much. This post is about the top 3 things I think the couple should be concerned in creating beautiful wedding memories. Decor, Venue, Food? Nope. All these are great, but not in my top 3. So here we go:

    1. The Photography:

When we drew up our wedding budget (complete with excel spread sheets, exact numbers and prices), photography was perhaps the only bit we were willing to splurge a bit on. And honestly, it's perfectly understandable. Pictures last, but a lifetime. It's the one thing that determines how your wedding really went. Trust me, those weddings you gush about on your favourite wedding websites, you may not gush so much if saw a lot of the behind the scenes. But the photographer often shows you the best side. What you want to see.  In the best way. Right angles. Filtered. Edited.

Also remember that as the couple, you can probably only see bits of the wedding, and you probably won't see everyone. A good photographer gives you the chance to re-experience your wedding, again - at any time. My wedding photos is definitely one of the things that make me happy. Don't forget those are the photos you'll probably hang up in your living room and the ones your great grandchildren will get to see. Well, I guess you can always take a cue from my mums friend that didn't like her portrait wedding photos and so went right back to the studio with her husband to take another! 

    2. The Compere:

Whether you choose to call this person a Compere, Host, Master of Ceremonies (Mistress maybe, feminists?), I beg you, do not take this decision lightly. If the Photographer has the power to ruin the timeless memories of your wedding. The MC has the power to ruin it in real time.  Plus your guests will never forget. And if you get all that on video, then that's pretty timeless as well.  I felt uncomfortable watching some parts of the video because of a few improper jokes here and there. But no, we did not overlook this important bit. We had carefully noted that we wanted none of those crude adult rated wedding jokes and boring repetitive games. We wanted a simple classy MC. And we did get one. We had a meeting with him and he perfectly understood our needs, and fit in with out plans. And then on the Thursday before the wedding, there was some sort of emergency and he had to leave the country. So we didn’t really get a chance to communicate properly with the replacement MC. At some point in my mind, I may have rolled my eyes at the jokes. My friend who is planning her wedding recently said to me "It's better people don't remember your MC than they do - for the wrong reasons". I agree with her. The MC could really make everything a drag. Honestly, it doesn't take too much to host such events in my opinion. So if you can't afford some of these MCs, simply have a friend who you trust do it! And make sure you have a discussion with such person so they know what you expect on that day, and other necessary information. 

    3. The Bride!:

Ta-da. I'm sure you were wondering what the final bit of this will be. Well well, for me it's the bride. But not so much because I'm fussy. In fact, I couldn't be bothered and I got my dress like 6 weeks before the wedding and it was pretty much the second dress I tried on. But I've put this in because "what's a wedding without the bride". Plus you know her opinion of the wedding is what really matters and she'll be the one to gush to everyone forever about how beautiful the day was.

 The groom may call in via Skype and people won’t battle an eyelid. Trust me. My husband had to leave the country for an interview to return on the Friday before the wedding. I didn’t really bat an eyelid, as to what’ll happen if he missed his return flight. I think it's important for the bride to be happy and look awesome on that day. Increase the budget by a tiny bit for stuff related to her if necessary. As I was very concerned about my hair, I was prepared to pay a bit more than usual, to ensure it was well laid and on fleek! Paying extra for makeup wasn't in my plans (and I didn't think I needed much transformation). But at the same time, I had no intention of taking my mum's advice to do my own makeup myself. Our husbands may not be like that guy who couldn't stop 'wailing' when he saw his wife. But at least, a romantic stare and a few tears will be very welcome. 

That's what I think. At the end of the day, although want beautiful memories, the wedding is just a day! Have fun and don't go broke trying to impress. Plus if anything goes wrong, you can always write a story about it.  Now if only I can get that MC's jokes out of my head… 

What do you guys think? Married? What things did you consider important. Not married? What are you willing to increase the budget for to make you happy in retrospect?


Kachee… Xx

pS: My husband read this post and asked why number 3 is just the bride and not ‘the couple’. I guess we can make a concession - if the budget allows. 

ppS: Speaking about hanging wedding photos in your living room, what do you guys think about this. Compulsory or not?

pppS: I have so much wedding stories lined up. I'm thinking of making them into a post series "From Our Wedding Experience". What do you think? Yay or Yay?

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