9 Last Minute (But Awesome) Easy Ideas for Mother's Day

9 Last Minute (But Awesome) Easy Ideas for Mother's Day

Do you feel like despite all the advance notice in ads, stores, and the fact that we should just know, Mother’s Day still creeps up on us? I know in relation to my plans, I’m surely not prepared! But being on the receiving end, I sure hope my husband and 17 month son have got something planned. 

Yes, yes some people say everyday should be Mother’s Day, but we know it isn’t. There are days when you don’t agree with your mother or you’re even quite upset with her. So having one day set aside to say all the mushy words and maker her feel special is fine by us! 

If you’re a procrastinator and haven’t done anything extra like flying out to surprise her or handing her a brand new grand baby, we’ve got 9 last minute ideas that will still make her feel special!


A Spa Day / Pedicure Session 

This one is a win win. If your mum gets regular spa sessions, she will love it! She’s sure to think you totally know what she loves and went the extra mile to get it. And if she doesn’t typically schedule in her own spa days—well this is necessary because every woman needs a spa day. Make sure it’s a convenient location and if you’re in town, you can even make it a mummy and me spa day! If it’s too last minute to get a full spa booking, you can settle for a mani-pedi or even just a pedi. You could arrange with the salon to have a bottle of champagne or her favourite drink and snacks and also to play some lovely music while she’s getting her pedicure! 

Handwritten Letter / Voice Notes

Some fancy paper, some ink, a trip down memory lane, and some honest writing is all you need to make your mum feel super loved and possibly shed a tear or two. So why not pour your heart out in a love letter.  Too much of a millennial to write an actual letter? Well, okay tech genius—send a voice note [you gotta make your voice sound right and mushy!], record a video, or voice note over text/ photos. 

Gift Baskets

I’m falling in love with gift baskets/boxes because they’re so easy to put together. You literally just pick a bunch of items and arrange them nicely. The trick is to perhaps include one primary gift and a bunch of smaller everyday items that come in handy. Wrap it up in cellophane and tie with a nice bow. Include a handwritten note or a cute card, and voila! 

Breakfast in Bed

This is a classic one and doesn’t need much effort. But it’s always appreciated—especially if you make it a little different from the regular. You could add salmon to a typical English breakfast, or include an exciting cereal or yoghurt she may want to try. For a Nigerian classic breakfast of yam and eggs, you could simply slice the yam in a different shape! Sit in bed with her and pour her some juice while you chat and tell her how awesome she is. 

Scrap book of Memories

DIY and craft lovers, this is for you and can be real quick! Many memories today are captured and remain in digital version but there’s something wonderful about printed photos. So what to do? Simple: find an instant photo print shop and print a number of photos of your mum with or without you. Cut these out onto cardboard and write some notes to go with it. Jazz it up with coloured pens, highlighters, stickers, glitter etc. 

Movie / Netflix Date

If your mum is into movies, then this is one to definitely explore. If an actual cinema viewing is your thing, go for it. But it’s probably so much easier to sit at home and watch a movie in the evening. Grab a blanket, shut the curtains, microwave some popcorn in two minutes and watch a cheesy movie you both are bound to enjoy. You may fall asleep while watching—but how sweet is that for a mother child bond?!

Box of Groceries and Recipes

Chances are your mum probably loves to cook. But I think even many of the best cooks would still prefer all the perfect ingredients prepped and ready to use. So why not surprise your mum and gift her a subscription or an order to a food/grocery subscription box that delivers all of the ingredients ready prepped plus some exciting new recipes to try. I’ve recently tried one of these out and I can say it’ll make a great gift for a food loving momma! If she’s not a fan of cooking, how about you prepare the meals yourself and treat her to some homemade food?

Lunch or Dinner Date

This is also super easy to pull off. Many restaurants around the world record Mother’s Day as one of their busiest days, but if you’re able to get a spot in some exciting restaurant, then that’s fantastic. Go the extra mile and order a decorative desert with the words “Happy Mother’s Day.” Don’t forget to tell her during your lunch date just how awesome she is!

Last Minute Purchases

Well, we had to add this. Because for some people it’s still the easiest and the reason these shops exist. Pop into your favourite stores and pick something she’ll love. From perfumes to cute scarfs—you’re bound to find something. With a little extra effort on the packaging and a cute gift note, you’re all set to go!

You don’t have to pick just one of these. Feel free to mix and match for the ultimate package. 

Are you celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend? What plans have you got?

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