The KacheeTee Circle Blogger Brunch Lagos: Recap, Moments & Photos

The KacheeTee Circle Blogger Brunch Lagos: Recap, Moments & Photos

By now, you must likely know what The KacheeTee Circle is about. Even if you haven’t been on Instagram where I run the risk of over talking about it, surely you read this post where I talked about and shared photos from our very first event.

So, two weeks after that event I was scheduled to be in Lagos. I had previously toyed with the idea of inviting a few bloggers who have been part of my blogging journey for an intimate lunch to rub minds. But seeing the response the London brunch received especially from folks in Lagos who requested a Lagos version, I wondered if I could actually pull it off. My calendar for the only available weekend was pretty booked. The Friday was my 30th and the Saturday I was a bridesmaid for my friend’s wedding. If it was going to hold, it had to be on Sunday.

As I tend to do, I sampled the idea via IG stories and the interest was incredible.

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I also wanted to make it accessible so I pegged it at N5,000. I didn’t even have the time to design an actual poster and had already received payments - as I’d shared payment details via Instagram Story. In a few hours about 30 people had registered interest and paid! A couple of people even put forward voluntary donations. I felt so touched! I had to cap it at circa 30 - as I still wanted it to be intimate and it wasn’t about to be a conference!

Sourcing Venue

I spent the most part of Friday - my 30th birthday trying to come up a venue that worked. My friend Ope, was incredibly kind enough to do this with me. Lagos can be a difficult place: the traffic, the negotiations. We wanted a private decent space with quality food, all under N5000. Everyone thought I’d been away for too long as N5000 couldn’t offer that. We had a few choices we were going to finally settle on.

And then out of the blues, Sonume (who we had featured in this blog post) calls me up. She says if I’m still trying to find a venue, she might just be able to offer one. You see, her and her sister had recently opened a space called The Metaphor Lagos. It was not officially launched but she offered it to us. It was such an amazing location - even if not 100% done at the time. It felt so much like home - which was exactly the vibe we were going for. It was a very tough one but they also agreed to cater on our budget. We drew up a three-option menu, finalised plans and I went home a very happy person - just in time for my 30th birthday dinner.

The Speakers

No surprises that 3 out of the 4 speakers we had have previously been featured on the blog. The circle is a real life extension of the blog afterall. So we had the amazing Ozoz of Kitchen Butterfly (remember her fab interview here ) Mofe of Naija Nomads who shared her experience as a “mixed kid” , was one of the 9 travel ladies we interviewed, organised the epic Morocco trip and Sahara desert camping, and recently sharing her wonderful skydiving experience; and Tayo who shared about the Chale Wote festival in Ghana. . In addition, we had Ifeoma (thesvnflwr) - who I pretty much wrung her arm to attend. She claimed she was scared of public speaking, but at the end of the day had such an amazing time and realised that the event was such a close knit one!

They had all agreed to share about their blogging, working with brands, and building a community

The Actual Day

There are so many things to say about the actual day and I could go on and on. It was so amazing seeing almost 35 people gather to talk about their blogging experiences and how to be better. It was so good to see and hug people that had featured on the blog, or left comments constantly or have just in some way been part or connected with each other via We even had a surprise drop in from the Tee in and the literal first fruit of kacheetee (aka my husband and son!)

We shared incredibly valuable tips, we gave hugs, we ate, we wrote encouraging postcards to people. We played games, we took photos. My sister had brought a surprise birthday cake and everyone even sang a surprise happy birthday to me while I looked on awkwardly.

It was getting rather late and people still didn’t want to leave. And the Metaphor Lagos did not send us packing! So we moved the party outside for desert, more awesome tips from Tayo, more conversations, and games courtesy of Naija Nomads.

Eventually, we wrapped it up! I’m so thankful for the experience and the people who both care and supported, and I’m definitely encouraged to continue to grow this community - both the online space & the circle events.

Hear some of what the attendees had to say:

~ Honestly loved everything including the food and the bloggers in our elements

~ The venue was intimate and eased communication

~ Loved the discussion and the cake and ice cream!

~ Met people who will be resourceful to my growth

~ I’m not a blogger, but I got inspiration to find purpose first in whatever I do.

~ The freestyle was good and gave room for more experience sharing!

~ I’ve learned I need to shoot my shot!

~ Learnt a lot because it felt like friends discussing

~ Well planned, well organised, great food, homely venue, value for money.

Was it a flawless day?

It wasn’t. I had some timing issues due to an unexpected hassle that morning, and so didn’t make it to the venue as early as I’d have hoped. Also, even though I had  planned to have a formal agenda of events (taking a cue from the first event) and have the speakers speak on specific aspects, due to time constraints I didn’t get around to finalising that. So we went with the flow which allowed or genuine and open conversations but also meant there were some niggles at some point.

Oh and yes, we had just one gentleman  at this event again, and  he particularly said it will have been great to have some more guys!

Also as a couple of people pointed out since the primary aim of these events are to connect, I was a bit bummed that we didn’t get to have a proper introduction of each person and connecting on our various platforms.

Finally, It was a pretty large group to fit into one frame but here’s the best we got! Once again, sincere thanks to all the amazing people who made this event such a wonderful and special one! All the feedback has been taken on board and it can only get better.

#May16thPhotography (166 of 206).JPG
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