What I Wear in a Week: Ijenna Osuji

What I Wear in a Week: Ijenna Osuji

For someone who isn’t very much into fashion, I thoroughly enjoy these features about what people wear in a week, and how their daily activities affect these choices. Today, we’ve got in-house contributor on the “hot seat.” Ijenna is a 22 year old final year clinical student in Lagos who for the past three years has been clicking remind me later” every time her computer asks to “update software.”

She describes her style as quirky, retro and comfortable. And although she has two styles, her “real style” and her “go-to style” this was one of those weeks when all she wore was her go-to style! A huge fan of Mango — the clothing brand not the fruit — Ijenna will not be caught wearing a crop top and leggings!

Okay, now over to Ijenna.

ijenna osuji.JPG

There are several reasons I dislike school. 

I wouldn't say “hate” because it's a strong word, but I particularly dislike school because it cramps my style. Dress codes are the worst, and the way a person is constantly judged at my university because of the way they dress and the amount of makeup they wear really piques me. 

Less is more and since I'm not up for standing up for the injustice, my day to day style has become a reluctantly boring combination of clothes with little to no accessories. Oh well.

That was a mini-rant. Oops. 

Here's what I wear during the week:


On Mondays, I like to keep things slightly dressy to fool my brain into thinking it’s fired up for action. I’d typically wear this outfit with Brogues.  

what i wear monday jpg.jpg


After Monday, I give up any pretense of being formal since I can get away with it. This thrifted pleated top balances the casual air of the culottes and we're not supposed to wear sandals but I get to class early and I'm usually seated so I don't get caught. The sunglasses are honestly to hide my tired eyes.

weekly outfits tuesday.jpg


Every Wednesday is less than a half day with just two hours of classes so I go really casual. These overalls could be dressed up but the t-shirt makes it a comfy ensemble. I'm usually not in the mood on Wednesdays so I just wear whatever. Some Wednesdays, I even break the rules and wear a crop too. The trick though is to get to class and sit early.

weekly outfit wednesday.jpg


I try to redeem myself by looking a little more put together. Thursdays are almost like Mondays to me. That smile is because the week is almost over. The dress is from Next, and since I had been getting the "Are you sick?" question, I accessorized with hoop earrings.

weekly outfits thursday .jpg


On Fridays, the only guideline I follow is length. Anything I wear has to be below my knees because it's clinic day and my clinical coat covers my top half.

weekly outfit Friday.jpg


I wear anything I'm in the mood to wear, from shorts to comfy wide-leg pants. It's usually a day of studying, working or running errands, so comfort is key. I've been loving this particular combination of strappy tops and wide-leg pants. It's almost my Saturday uniform.



I'm not one of those people who dress up for church. I'll usually just add a pair of heels to whatever I would wear on a weekday. I may wear makeup, depending on how early I wake up.

weekly outfit sunday.jpg

As proven in the sentiments above, I don't give much thought to what I wear during the week. As long as it's not rumpled or scandalous, it gets a pass. This is the Lazy Girl Fashion culture and I embrace it.

For now.

And can see more of this on my blog at miralabelle.com

Your turn: What are you wearing this week? Do you typically plan your outfits in advance or you whip up anything as the week goes? Does your job or school cramp your real style?

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