Exploring Lebanese Cuisine in Lagos: My Time at Salma's

Exploring Lebanese Cuisine in Lagos: My Time at Salma's

After an intense low carb week recently, I looked forward to the weekend as my cheat day was fast approaching. I’m sure you all have figured out that I really love food. Since I came across Salma’s Instagram page I was excited to visit and I informed my food buddy that we had to go. More so, I really love Lebanese food and I got super excited to check it out.

Salma’s is quite easy to locate. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of an apartment building and there’s a little coffee shop tucked at the side. There is a swimming pool behind the restaurant and also a view of the Lagos Lagoon. The ambience is everything. The restaurant is well lit and spacious. The gold lanterns gave an Arabian vibe that reminded me of my time in Morocco.

For the first time in a while, I entered a restaurant in Nigeria and fell in love! 

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They had a main dining room and a glass room for smokers. The waiters were very attentive, warm and well trained. Without asking, a waiter brought a chair for our handbags (brownie points for this!). The table setting was fancy and tastefully decorated. The colors of the dining set and menu popped. We sat in the main dining room by the partition of the glass room. 

The menu was quite diverse and had the English descriptions also.

We ordered a meat combo, which in simple terms consists of mezzes (small dishes) and a grilled platter.  This also came with the Tabouleh salad, Hummus, Warab enab (stuffed grape leaves) and Batata Harra (Lebanese spicy potato) . 

The grilled platter had chicken wings, Kafta arayes (pita bread sandwich with minced lambs) and ribs; and accompanied with a yoghurt dip. We also ordered a Shish taouk (grilled chicken wrapped in pita bread with garlic sauce and tomato). The meat combo was accompanied by Lebanese flat bread.

The hummus was fresh, aromatic and tasty. The Lebanese flat bread paired with the hummus was so good.  The Tabouleh salad was so good and was a myriad of flavors. I didn’t quite fancy the stuffed grape leaves as my taste buds didn’t agree with it. The grilled potatoes tasted so good, the spices blended so well. The ribs were kinda dry though and I had to ask for ketchup. I particularly enjoyed the Kafta arayes and shish taouk.

Food is sweeter, when the cocktail is nice to accompany the meal. For cocktails I ordered a Black orchid and my friend ordered the Salma’s Orange island. Trust me with the Black orchid cocktail, you won’t be disappointed. It was a perfect blend of vodka, strawberry, cranberry juice and blue curaçao. Everything about the drink was right. My friend wasn’t too impressed with her drink - it tasted like old school Five Alive orange juice with a drop of vodka. 

The portions were size-able and filling. I was stuffed and yet I wanted to keep eating. 

We got a complimentary fruit platter after our meal which counted as desert and satisfied the fitfam in me (brownie points again!). 

This restaurant is for fine dining, ideal for dates and private dinner parties. The prices were fairly decent. It’s fine dining though so that price range was expected. We spent a total of N22,500. 

The above photo is from Salma’s instagram, but below is a slideshow of my own photos. Looks so yummy doesn’t it?

I went with high expectations and it was met. I definitely look forward to going back there!

  • Mark Bayshore Suites | 20/24 Ozumba Mbadiwe road, Victoria Island.

  • | @salmaslagos

Have you been to Salmas? Do you enjoy Lebanese food - what’s your fave?


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