What I Wear In a Week: Stephanie Okafor

What I Wear In a Week: Stephanie Okafor

Long before I started blogging, I’d been intrigued by Stephanie’s sense of style, 101% curious about her day job and if this affected her choice of outfits. So it was really no-brainer that once this column kicked off, I was going to try to get Steph to share with us. 

She’s popularly known in social media circles as Metrogypsie and unsurprisingly describes her style as retro, chic and edgy. As she’s a Finance Consultant in London one might expect a more traditional office dress code. But she explains “Most days especially in summer, we get to dress down...down enough to attend a meeting at least. As a result, I’m totally able to express my normal self”.

On the high street, she loves Zara and Topshop and if she only had to wear one outfit it’d be a high waisted skirt and whatever top. And as far as fun facts go, Stephanie sometimes craves raw Indomie noodles!

Ok, on to her week in clothes!


I’m obsessed with supporting Nigerian brands so it’s always a good feeling starting my week wearing a piece from one of them. I paired this blazer dress with these sandals I've had for over 5 years now and topped it off with my work bag from Carvela. I was to have drinks with a colleague afterward, so decided to spruce things up with a change to these blue Zara heels and purse from TL Maxx. My brand embodies the busy/working woman who is able to move from the office to the bar without much effort - #LadyOnHerGrind. I took the photos by Gloucester Quays which was right by my house.


Today’s look was inspired by simplicity and the need to just be chilled. It’s a Zara dress that looks like a shirt + layered crop (something I’d ideally style) so wasn’t any effort at all wearing this. Paired with my boots for pop of colour. 


I love a blazer dress as they make me look smart, chic and sexy at the same time; and this Misguided one didn't disappoint. i paired it with these dune shoes and purse again from Carvela. I was going to go shopping after work so decided to make my shots at the mall. Now guess what, this dress is already off my closet as my sister came to visit that same week! 


As my sister came to visit me in Gloucester, I wanted to take her for dinner in Cheltenham. So, I decided on this Zara jumpsuit because I knew it would make me look blend easily with the poshness of Cheltenham which is such a pretty city in Gloucestershire.


Although almost every day is "dress down" at my office, Fridays have me feeling like dress-down-down typa way. Today I decided to go with this Zara T-Shirt dress. To be honest, this dress will soon be my nightie cos it’s so snug, loose and comfortable. Maybe I’d use it as a top with jeans in winter first of all though.


As with most Saturdays, I end up wearing the shortest piece of clothing I can find. I was in shorts running errands and cooking for the week for a better part of my day, and later attended a mini fashion brand launch hosted by a friend for his line Edenstreet. So I changed to this Edenstreet dress for my evening and dinner date later on. My bag is Primark and my shoes are Salvatore Ferragao. Talk about a good blend of save and splurge? 


I took my photos at the cathedral because I thought it was going to be apt for a Sunday. I loved how this H&Mdress makes me look mature!  It’s also got a retro vibe with those pleats and sleeves. Nicely paired with these mules from Next. 

Ok so I can actually pull off most of these I think. Maybe I have a little bit of edgy in me - who knew? I absolutely love the blazer dresses and Sunday's complete outfit. Without a doubt as well, I'd have been sure to make that black dress shirt my nightie. Looks too comfy!

So I asked Steph what she wouldn't be caught wearing ever, and she said "a Cult Gaia Ark Bag". I wasn't too sure what that was, so I googled! Alas, we all know it - it's very popular on Instagram; often seen as the "bloggers bag" - made of wood and somewhat circular in shape. But I guess it isn't Steph's cup of tea. 

Thank you, Steph for sharing! Check out her blog  www.metrogypsie.org, and Instagram: @metrogypsie

What did you think of this feature - what outfits or accessories speak to you?


Kachee... Xx

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