Say Hello, to the Writing Team!

Say Hello, to the Writing Team!

Say hello to the five ladies joining us as writers and contributors on!

I'm super excited to finally be ticking this off, as it's been one of my blog goals this year. I love writing and sharing most of the posts over here, but there's often so much thoughts I have in my head, so much I want to write about and so much to share.

And you can probably tell I love to share about diverse subjects and people's experiences too. So I made a call for contributors to join on here as part of the team writing posts on a regular basis, and I was pretty surprised by the interest! 

To keep it small though (and so you still remember everyone individually), I've kept the number to a good size. You'd obviously get to know and interact with them  more through their posts but for now, a little info on each of them. 

1. Assumpta

Assumpta Vitcu 2.jpeg

When Assumpta stumbled on this blog a while ago, she went straight to the about page and then actually sent me a message! If you read my about page, you can already tell we're kinda similar in that regard. Plus she also has a degree in law. Since then, we've chatted so much and planned to meet up a few times. 

She is a London based British-Nigerian poet, prose and personal style appreciating dreamer, blogger and special event planner with a love of lighthouses and all things literary. Her poems have been featured within Praxis Magazine and a number of publications such as MAIA Creatives, the Aké Review and POSTSCRIPT. Assumpta's work centres on love, loss, life-lessons and deracination. She published her first poetry collection in 2013 and she is the poetry and features editor for The Book Banque.

With Assumpta, I think we can expect all kinds of feaures - relationships, travel, fashion, lifestyle, etc. And when we do meet up, maybe we'd make that a blog post too! 

Instagram: assumpta_v

2. Mercy


Mercy isn't a new face here! We've previously shared her inter-ethnic marriage feature and her thoughts and fears on motherhood alongside other mummy bloggers. She's a Nigerian photographer based in Kent, UK and although she's given up full-on blogging at the moment, those writing fingers didn't give up so easily - so we're excited to have her. 

She is mum to 2 lovely children and married to their awesome daddy. Her work is inspired by motherhood and family - so of course, we can't run away from motherhood posts from Mercy. And even before I became a mum, she was right there as she photographed my surprise baby shower! She is also a committed breastfeeding advocate and volunteers as a peer supporter helping mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals.

Instagram: @immeiko

3. Ijenna


If not for Ijenna and her guest post a while ago here I'd never have known about the rather popular world of Korean drama tele-novelas and all the 6 reasons why we should watch them!

Ijenna is 22 year old fashion aficionado in love with all things creative. When she's not focused on trying to get good grades at her University in Lagos, Nigeria she writes on her blog and shares her style, thoughts and creative projects. With Ijenna, we expect fashion, style and general lifestyle posts. Hope you're ready, because I am! 

Instagram: @mirabelle.o

4. Afoma


I honestly have not seen anyone who gets excited and loves books and reading as much as Afoma! And she's also not a stranger on the blog. I've pointed every book lover in the direction of her weekly BOOK'D column.  Afoma is a writer, photographer and literary enthusiast interested in books by women, children’s literature and fostering conversations about books and reading. She writes about books on her website and is also a literary contributor for The Book Banque

For all intents and purposes she's about to run the unofficial #KTBookClub. So hey book and literature lovers, gather round. 

Instagram: @afomaumesi

5. Imani


Those who know Imani refer to her as "the yellow pages". Whatever information you need in Lagos relating to lifestyle, shopping and food -  Imani either has it, or knows someone that could get it. I guess that's why you could mistake her for being such an outgoing person! She however describes herself as a reserved one who enjoys travelling, eating good food, reading magazines, and binge watching TV shows. She also has a slight obsession with all things fitness.

Whether you think she's outgoing or reserved, she definitely won't argue on the fact that's she's striving to live her absolute best life! Look out for lots of food and travel related content from Imani.

pS: Imani claims she's so shy in real life, that she's being semi anonymous over here. But I've promised her that she'd love us so much, she's bound to show her face soon!

 And that's it! I'm so thrilled to welcome these ladies and look forward to their content. You'd notice a little name tag at the end of each blog post indicating the author. Just so we're clear, yes I would still be writing a ton of blog posts - but now we have more voices and more beautiful content for you. We'd also still accept the occasional guest post by a reader / friend of the blog. 

I'm generally excited about the growth of the blog and more importantly, thankful for this community of you amazing readers.  Please leave a comment to say hello, and tell us if there's anything in particular you'd like us to write about or share.


Kachee... Xx

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