What I Wear In A Week - Sarah Audu

What I Wear In A Week - Sarah Audu

Sarah who was a jeans and t-shirt girl growing up is pretty surprised that she's now a fashion blogger with a style she describes as conservative, classic and basic. She'd not be caught wearing an off-shoulder piece as she dislikes having to deal with strapless bras that wouldn't provide enough support.

On her favourite clothing brands she says, "honestly I’m a bit of cheapskate and basic girl when it comes to shopping for clothes. If it’s affordable, if I like it and if it suits my style, I’ll buy it, simple. But for shoes, I love Zara! - I could spend all my money on shoes and practically live in Zara but sadly we don’t have an outlet in Nigeria"

So if she had to live in only one outfit, it would be a high waist palazzo trousers and a loose fitted top. As a communication and research officer at a multi-national establishmemnt in Abuja, Nigeria her work involves a lot of research and managing web content. She keeps her office wardrobe pretty smart and adds "the fact that 90% of my work colleagues are male makes me take my modest taste in fashion to a whole other level. This means staying away from anything overly fitted or short".

On to what she'd typically wear in a week!


Monday is the hardest day of the week for me - I never look forward to it. With weekends being quite busy working on my blog and trying to maintain a social life, I am hardly ever ready for it. So my Monday outfits usually involve something easy to throw together that does not require ironing - I hate ironing! This blue retro blazer is my go-to paired with my pleated midi skirt. I often opt for a camisole or a basic T-shirt underneath. For shoes, my nude Forever 21 heels are a fave because they go with everything. I also added a scarf to upgrade this otherwise basic look.  Scarves are a great way to upgrade and spice up basic looks.

Tip: having a somewhat color co-ordinated wardrobe organization with all items hung up, helps me to easily and quickly put together looks despite a lack of proper planning or ironing.


After successfully going through Monday, I am able to sort myself out and plan accordingly. Hence I tend to look more put together during the rest of week. Tuesday’s outfit includes a slightly more fitted look. Both items in this look were made proudly made in Nigeria. I rarely ever wear dresses or fitted skirts to work. When I do,  compliments flow from my colleagues which is something I try to avoid. 



This look involves one of my all time favorite pieces of clothing -  trousers! A quick glance through my closet and you’d find that trousers, especially wide leg high waist pieces make about 80% of my wardrobe which is weird because in my younger days, I had an epiphany and refused to wear trousers (that's a whole long story). My mum wonders why I keep buying new pairs of trousers despite my huge collection. Truth is, I find it somewhat difficult to find affordable modest skirts and dresses hence I often purchase trousers. I do find trousers more comfortable and conservative as well.  In this outfit I’m sporting my usual work bag which carries everything I need! 



To be quite honest, Thursdays are the second hardest day of the week. On this day I’m pretty much over and done with the week. My outfit is always a one piece which in this case is a jumpsuit, something you can just throw on and go on with it without worrying about having to accessorize or mix and match. I got this jumpsuit a few months ago and given its versatility it has been on repeat. Sad thing with these jumpsuits is when one has to use the restroom -  that alone could make you never want to wear one!



Friday is hands down my best day of the week because it not only signifies the end of a long week but the start of a beautiful weekend. I often play on the line between smart and casual - keeping things as comfortable as ever with free fitting clothes and always flats.  I only wear pointed flats due to my wide feet, I find that it makes your feet looks smaller and thinner. For this look I’m wearing a long vest which was a thrift find, paired over my black pencil skirt and a gingham flared sleeve top. I’m totally living for exaggerated sleeves. 



My Saturdays usually involve me either working on blog content, getting my hair done or having a social life. So my outfit usually consists of a pair of palazzo pants or mom jeans and Kimono and comfy slippers as in this look. These mom jeans are one of the few pairs of jeans I own which is ironic seeing as jeans were my go-to outfit years ago. 



I believe when going to the house of God one should keep it as covered and classy as possible. For me it’s a no to form fitted pieces, anything off shoulder or even low hanging tops. On Sundays you’d find me in a dress like this Ankara piece.


Sarah's choice of outfits for the work week is very similar to mine indeed. All blazer-ed up on Monday, by Thursday, I'm keen to throw on an easy one piece and almost always on flats for Friday. But she's not a fan of off-shoulder pieces, so we're so different in that area!

Thanks for sharing Sarah! Check out her blog - www.princessaudu.com

What's your fave look or similarity from Sarah's typical outfits in a week?


Kachee... Xx

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