8 Recommended Items For a Cozy Home

8 Recommended Items For a Cozy Home

Two days ago my friend sent me a photo of a huge potted plant in the passenger seat of her car. I was about to reply with a comment when I saw a follow on message: "oh that was for my mum; don't judge me but plants make me really happy!" She probably feared I was going to wonder why she was buying another plant when they had a whole lot in their apartment. And I mean a whole lot. 

But there was no way on earth I was going to judge her. Not when buying some more plants have been on my to-do for a while. But just in case you didn’t know, shopping with a baby is an entirely different ball game! *tsk tsk. And there's something about home shopping that often has to be done in person. But we're somehow going to have to wear our big parents pants and brave it all because I've been itching to spruce up some areas a bit. 

Few weeks ago, my neighbour put up an Instagram post showing a very nice redo of their garden noting that it's been one year since they've lived in their house. We moved in at about the same time and that somewhat jolted me to the fact that it's been a year for us too. While we've managed to do quite a lot, baby life kind of took over and  I think there's a few more pieces and items I need to make it just a bit more cozy and switch things around a bit.

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I really do get bored easily and I think it's important to have a space that's constantly warm and inviting - that you love to spend time in. And asides just four walls, a TV and a couch: these little items often make so much difference to me, and will be added to my shopping basket.

  • Photos & Paintings

Bare walls do not give off that warm homey feeling. I believe in having photos, paintings, some form of art, wordings or illustration. Yet this is one we still haven’t managed to complete. It can be a bit of an uphill task finding the right frames, paintings, creating a gallery wall and choosing what photos to hang up. So this is top of my agenda - finally hanging personal photos up. When my mum visited, she was surprised at the lack of photos and remarked "how can we tell who lives here?". And I guess she's right. Photos show it's not just a house.  But these don't necessarily need to go up a wall - they could lean by the wall, or on tables. If you’d be hanging them up as well, it’s helpful to make sure there’s some kind of order. It’s a good idea to search gallery walls inspiration and practice laying the photos on the floor for a sneak peek, before it’s hung up. 

  • Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to spice up any space. From huge potted plants to hanging plants and everything in between. On the plus side, they also help clean up the air. Asides plants, flowers are always welcome. I love fresh flowers and how they make spaces look pretty and warm - think dining tables, bathrooms, kitchens. But I admit that keeping up with them can be quite a task so I often prefer plants. However faux / artificial flowers could be a great low maintenance alternative. 

  • Throws and Pillows

I only recently (ok maybe two years ago) learnt what a throw was, but here I am wondering how I could have lived without it? How did I curl up on the sofa and just chill? I probably often grabbed a duvet from the bedroom. So here's the dictionary definition: “a light cover for furniture”. I don’t really know if that captures it though, but they’re great for living rooms. You may have noticed how interior decorators seem to throw it (pun unintended) around in photos – looking all perfect, yet casual. Coupled with lots of pillows they definitely add that warm and inviting vibe.  Throws and pillows are also great for the bedroom even though some people (i.e my spouse) can't understand why people would have so many cute pillows on the bed only to take it out before sleeping. I keep telling him it's for the vibe, the aesthetics, the look! 

  • Lamps

Every time we go through a home store I almost wish the lamp section didn't exist because it bores me but Tee spends ages looking through it! “Lamps cannot warrant this much thought and time”, I used to think. But now I see much of a difference lamps can bring to a space. From floor lamps, to bedside lamps, table lamps, and even wall lamps - all worth exploring to take it a notch from house to home by adjusting lighting and creating a mood. And I'm quite surprised at how pricey they can get!

  • Rugs

I love simple but very lush rugs with textures that you want to touch (or lie on!). So rugs on the floor are often a plus - and they literally make the space warmer to walk on.  Rugs are great for living rooms and bedrooms. And who says it has to be a single rug? Try layering on a couple of rugs for some added lushness! 

  • Candles and diffusers

My sense of smell is not much to write home about - it's rather poor! But even if I can't totally appreciate the scent of candles, I'd be the first to admit they make spaces much more inviting. My husband is kinda obsessed with scented candles and we seem to have some just about everywhere in the home - from toilets to bedrooms. I think they look great on coffee tables, bedside pieces, shelves and really just everywhere! In addition to candles, oil and reed diffusers also provide great scent and even when empty they're still kinda pretty. 

  • Coffee table books

Yeah, coffee table books are so a thing - usually a hard-covered book on a coffee table (uhm! go figure) where guests are entertained. I'm not sure what it is about these books that make a place look less bland. Perhaps it's the fact that it could evoke conversation or maybe it's just pretty. 

  • Mirrors

Yes mirrors - not just an item to catch a glimpse (or a proper look) of yourself. They come in so many designs and shapes that when used in the right places add such a unique touch. I love large mirrors on living room walls, dining rooms, and hallways. 

So, if you're stuck with a couple of bare spaces, try one or two of these for an uplift. I also recommend personal ornaments, keepsakes or memorabilia - that item that makes it your space! 

Do you enjoy home decor - how do you make your space cozy? 


Kachee... xX

pS: Not particularly related but if you're going to have a baby, can I recommend leather sofas? Despite my best effort, I cannot believe how much drool stains we've now got! 

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