We Interview: Lizzy O. (The DIY Lady) - YouTuber / Blogger & Photographer

We Interview: Lizzy O. (The DIY Lady) - YouTuber / Blogger & Photographer

If you follow Lizzy on social media, then you probably did a huge dance in your head when she put up her pregnancy announcement a couple of days ago! I know I did.

We had no clue of the announcement and it's sure been a long while we had this feature, but it's exciting to finally feature Lizzy who everyone knows as The DIY Lady. She's a YouTuber / Blogger, Photographer and an avid fashion + DIY lover. Although she had a life-changing car accident / spinal cord injury in 2008 and currently uses a wheelchair, this in no way defines her and  from her photos and videos you can see how much happiness and enthusiasm she radiates. She believes in using her voice, style and life as a testimony to others who may be in such circumstances. 

We got into her brain a bit and asked a few questions about life, work, marriage, style tips and all that makes her tick! 

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Everyone knows you as the DIY lady. But what one skill would you like to learn?

  • Good question! You see, there’s really nothing I can’t do - thanks to YouTube and Google. For example, I built my website myself. And I’ve realized that I can always go online to check for tips on things I don’t know. But if I could learn a particular skill, I would brush up on one of my DIY skills- sewing/fashion designing as I am really interested in styling. Right now, I do the bare minimum and basics as that’s all DIY teaches you. 

Talking about styling, what's your best style tip?

  • I’d say be comfortable. You can never really be overdressed. Let your style reflect your personality and your mood. Don’t follow the trend. Lastly, allow yourself to evolve. Before now, I was more of a “when in doubt, wear a red lipstick” person, but now, I’m more into nude lip glosses.

3 Must Haves to add an extra oomph to an outfit

  • A very nice waist belt (could be gold-plated or any other colour). Waist belts have a way of accentuating one’s waist and giving that hour glass figure every girl loves.
  • Shoes - a good pair of shoes takes your outfit from “I’m going to the mall” to “I’m on my way to dinner”
  • Great make-up

You can only pick one: Good Hair or Good Makeup?

  • Good makeup. I’m not really big on hair. Makeup, on the other hand has a way of transforming your look. With a good makeup, I wouldn’t mind wearing my natural hair or a good synthetic weave. 

You're an avid nail polish lover and collector - what's your go-to colour?

  • The reality is this has changed over the years. Lately, I’m more into nude, beige and light pink. Sounds funny because I’m a colourful person. My go-to colour would be ‘nude sparkle’ (nude/neutral plus some sparkle)

As a Blogger / YouTuber, how do you overcome the feeling of imposter syndrome or not being good enough to share your work?

  • I’d say the key is to motivate yourself and not give up on yourself. I am a perfectionist being that I’m a Virgo but I tell myself that consistency is better than perfectionism. Self-motivation is very key; you have to remember why you started what you are doing. You can never be perfect.   
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With so many YouTubers out there, what advice have you got for people just starting out & struggling to be seen.

  • Just do it! Start with whatever you have and be consistent. Don’t wait until you have the ‘right’ number of followers or the best camera or until you know what to do. Just start anyway, you’d figure it out along the way. 

If you could swap subscribers with a YouTube Vlogger - 3 persons on the list?

  • David Dobrik
  • Liva Koshy
  • Lily Singh

For all three of them, their followers are so loyal. For me, it’s less of the numbers but more about loyalty, engagement and building a community.

What are your greatest challenges as an entrepreneur?

  • Being consistent
  • Keeping to time table and schedules
  • Beating myself up about things
  • Learning when I need to ask for help or delegate activities
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 It's been over a year since you got married. What top lessons has marriage taught you?

  • I’d say marriage has helped debunk some myths I had prior to getting married. People rarely talk about good marriages. My marriage has been amazing. Being married has taught me that communication is key and I’m glad I knew this before getting married. I have learnt that I need to speak up. No one is psychic so your partner wouldn’t know what’s on your mind if you don’t say it out.
  • I have also learnt that you’ve got to hold on to God. I couldn’t imagine my marriage without God. Keep God at the center!

Your husband is from a different Nigerian ethnic group. What culture shocks did you encounter? How do you deal with these differences

  • I’d say I was really lucky in this area. My husband is really not the most cultural person. He’s very free-minded and my in-laws were also amazing. I have always been intrigued by his tribe - he’s from Edo state. On language, most times we speak English. He understands a little bit of Yoruba as well and I’ve been learning Edo from my mother-in-law. 

One thing your husband does that drives you nuts!! And one thing he does that makes you all gooey on the inside?

  • He makes fun of everything. Which in itself is good but it could get annoying at times especially when you’re really trying to be serious. 
  • He is psychic. I love when he does things before I ask. It’s amazing when he knows just what I want and gets it done without me asking. 

Would you rather be a mom to all boys or all girls? 

  • I would want a mix actually. I know what it feels like to be a daddy’s girl so I would want my husband to have that. Plus my girl(s) would have lots of DIYs to learn from me. I also love my brothers; boys are amazing so I want boys as well.

One super power you'd love to have?

  • Invisibility. I have realized that people place too much emphasis and importance on looks, appearance, status and the likes. I feel if I am invisible, there would be so many good things I could make off from that- meet with and learn from just about anybody, listen in on conversations and so many more.

If you could photograph a celebrity family, who would you love to?

  • Oprah Winfrey- I’d get the opportunity to speak with her and learn from her
  • The Obamas
  • Banky and Adesua - They’re so cute and just for the fun of it

 An all-expense paid vacation where are you heading and why?

  • Santorini, Greece! From the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like a really beautiful city. Also, I enjoy Greek mythology so going there would enable me learn more of that. As a photographer, I can’t imagine a better location for my blog photos and potential vlogs I could create there. This was supposed to be our honeymoon location but we couldn’t make it there so we went to Hawaii instead. 

Tell us something really fun about your childhood and early years

  • Getting to live in the Northern part of Nigeria (Gombe state) for about 5years- my family moved there for work. I got to learn to speak Hausa

3 Songs sure to lift your mood on a not-so-good day.

  • Victory Belongs to Jesus- Todd Dulaney
  • What a Beautiful Name It Is -  Hillsong
  • Still You Reign- Sonnie Badu

These songs always do lift my spirit. On days I’m in the mood to groove, my Nigerian playlist is readily available.

Favourite bible verse at the moment? 

  • It always is 1 Corinthians 10:13- “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

What 3 words or feelings do you hope come to people's minds when they think of you

When people see me or think about me, I want them to see:

  • Faith (see someone who has faith in God)
  • Someone who does doesn’t give up
  • A happy person. I want my happiness to make others happy.
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What's the ultimate vision for your brand as a blogger, photographer & designer? If you had a blank cheque what would you put on it?

  • The truth is many people do not make a lot of money from the things they are passionate about. If I had a blank cheque, I would put the highest amount on it or just sufficient to take care of ALL my bills so I can focus on my brand. My ultimate goal is to focus on my brand as something that I’m passionate about and not with a desire to make money from it (since my bills would be taken care of already

On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about life right now? If your life were a book, what will this chapter be called?

  • Chapter ‘ready to make money!’  Ok that may be a joke, but seriously I’d say it is my chapter of readiness- getting ready to be rich and make the money. I am very excited about my life right now. I won’t put a number to it. I wake up intentionally each day ready to make that day my best; my best day is today.

    We've asked you a ton of questions and I'm sure many people do too. What one question do you wish people would stop asking you?

    • I don’t exactly have any question I’d want people to stop asking me. On the contrary, I support people asking questions because it just shows that they are inquisitive. People ask questions because they are really curious about a thing and this is better than them making personal conclusions. I would just rather people stop assuming that because someone is going through a situation, then they are not happy or they are not a good Christian. I’d be ready to educate them and let them develop tact. 
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    One advice for ladies espcecially on the world's idea of beauty and perfection?

    • Do not be influenced by the outside world on what you should feel or wear. Do what is right and what makes you happy. Make your style your style; be unique; be confident; embrace yourself. It all comes down to you truly loving yourself and everything you do. Don’t let the world dim your light!   

    I loved all of this interview but my take away is definitely what she hopes people see in her and the fact that she wants her life and her happiness to make others happy! So excited for Lizzy as she gets ready to welcome her little one. As a new mum, I can say it's one of the best things to ever happen.

    Thank you Lizzy again for this feature! Follow her on Instagram @thediylady and her YouTube Channel


    Kachee... xX

    pS: Aren't we all in "chapter ready to make money". If you've already passed this chapter of your life, let us know and share tips too!

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