What I Wear In a Week - Anthonia Okonkon

What I Wear In a Week - Anthonia Okonkon

Anthonia who works as a Project Manager on assignments that deliver change through economic development and government reforms says she hasn't always loved fashion. In her words "as a kid, I was very outdoorsy so I wore clothes that allowed me run, climb trees and jump fences. I was anything but enthusiastic about fashion... my mum used to bribe me to wear earrings and dresses. Safe to say she was pleasantly surprised when I made a 180 degrees turn" .

She describes her style as generally versatile as she goes through a lot of phases very quickly. "One week might have a preppy feel and the very next, I’m vintage. The common three denominators however would be:

  • Chic: I have a thing for clean cuts, tapered pants and structured outfits
  • Artsy: I love to play around with prints, especially Ankara
  • Casual: I’m a really big fan of shift dresses, boyfriend jeans and oversized shirts"

Anthonia shares what she would usually wear in a week and how her daily professional and social life affects her choices! 


I wear my favorite clothes on Mondays. It is the only way I can wake up with the spring and excitement that I need to get through a Monday. This ensemble is an absolute favorite. The jacket and shoes are from Forever 21 and the pants which are somewhat my signature look now because I have worn them in a thousand different ways are from Bershka.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 10.19.35.png


On Tuesdays, I often wear Ankara. But because it is still quite early in the week, you’d most likely find me in something formal and structured. Our office dress code is not strict so I’m able to play around with outfits that I reckon I wouldn’t ordinarily be allowed to wear in other organizations. There is a limit however; I don’t think I could get away with showing up to work in Ankara shorts and a T-shirt.

I’ve had this Ankara co-ord set for a little over two years now and I remember it was one of the outfits I ever tried to sew on my own. My mum gave me the fabric and warned me sternly to make something nice with it. Unfortunately our definitions of nice are very different and she has never let me accompany her anywhere wearing this.

Tuesday 1 (2).jpg


On Wednesdays, I would still keep it structured because I have mid-week service where I’m an usher in church. Typically, I hate snug clothes. My friends insist my hate stems from the fact that I’m skinny and so I try to cover my frame in loose clothes. But it’s less that than the fact that tight clothes make me so uncomfortable I start to feel sick. The last time I wore this outfit I thought I was coming down with malaria and had to head home early, only to feel good as new the moment I took it off. Suffice to say that’s the last time I ever wore the outfit.



Thursdays are my least favorite days because they are so close to Friday but not quite Friday. I put this garb together on a Thursday when I was having the mother of bad hair days. I’m not big on head gears mostly because I can’t tie one to save my life. I also have dance classes on Thursdays after work so a white T-shirt means all I have to worry about is a pair of tights and I’m ready to cha, cha, cha.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 10.06.32.png


On Fridays, the dress code is even more relaxed and you’d often find me pushing the divide between “work appropriate” and “drinks with friends appropriate”. I let my shoulders (or legs sometimes) come out to play like in this Orange jumper which I got from Shein.



Saturdays are basically the one day in the week I dedicate entirely to my business. Typically, I would meet up with clients, take their orders, go fabric shopping and then check in with my tailors to make sure that they are pulling their weight. No matter how feisty I am feeling, I do not compromise on comfort on Saturdays. Here, I am wearing an Ankara print skater skirt paired with a cold shoulder top and my favorite white Adidas sneakers. Perfect for comfort and perfect for the heat!

Because I wear a lot of Ankara, I unfortunately have to take the pain to hand-wash them. Machine washing I have realized makes them lose their color and thickness.



On Sundays when I’m not actively ushering at church, I can wear pretty much anything. I wore this off-the-shoulder Ankara dress to church on the first Sunday of this year and I dare say it kicked my year off to a great start, stylishly. I’m not a big fan of accessories. The most I usually wear is a wristwatch and even that is more functional than for aesthetics. One in while, I could wear a bracelet or two.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 10.01.04.png

On Anthonia's favorite clothing brands, she divides this into the brands she can’t quite afford yet and the ones she loves to wear every now and then. "On the former, I have Deola Sagoe. I think her designs are ethereal. I love Lisa Folawiyo too. I share her interest in Nigerian wax and she amazes me with how she effortlessly transforms rather drab prints to bejeweled treasures. Her designs are very edgy and fashion forward. For the latter category, I’m totally in love with Things Nigerians Love – their designs are simple yet classy and very refreshing. Maju, Muse Factory and FIA have also secured spaces in my heart". 

It's funny she isn't a fan of Thursdays - that's probably my fave day of the week. I definitely love her ankara vibe and wish I had more in my closet!  What do you think? 

Thank you Anthonia for this lovely feature  - check out her blog diveintomauve.com


Kachee.. Xx

ppS: This is a new blog feature where I share what people are likely to wear in a week based on their daily activities - hoping we get some style inspo and overall a good read. If you'd like to get featured or know anyone who would - holla! 

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